April 28, 2012
Kitty Face

We went to Andrew Fleck's OEYC 10th anniversary celebration (Andrew Fleck is the parent group for Elizabeth's playgroup at Marius Barbeau)


I told Elizabeth we were going to find her "favourite teacher", Sandy. She was quite upset with me for suggesting that we were going to see Sandy, but NOT going to French class. "Sandy IS at French class", she insisted. She was quite nonplussed to find Sandy, in the company of ALL the other teachers AND speaking ENGLISH. Once she got over the shock Elizabeth insisted on showing Sandy her newly acquired balloon puppy and kitty face...


Now Elizabeth likes to pretend to paint her face (it's always a kitty). She's even started to pretend to colour Mommy's face. Daddy only lets her do it when he's sleeping.

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April 24, 2012
Through the eyes of a child
Auntie Janice has taught Elizabeth how to use a camera. (Eek!) Mine became the main source of entertainment during one recent work time.
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April 23, 2012
Spring snow angels

There was snow in the forecast, but somehow I just didn't expect this much! Elizabeth was thrilled and immediately wanted to go out and play in it. She was disappointed that there wasn't enough for sledding, but I pointed out that the flowers wouldn't like that! She was also disappointed to find that the canal was still full of water. She had apparently been hoping she could go skating again! I guess I'd better see if I can still find a public skate somewhere.


Even though the snow changed to rain by the time we got outside, we wandered far enough to check out the snowy tulips at Commissioner's Park. Apparently the early tulips were all "fully in bloom", so I was worried I was missing out. But while the media reports made it sound like things were practically at their peak, it's actually very early yet and the snowy and cold forecast will probably delay things further.


The snow was all gone by the end of the day. "Don't worry Momma" said Elizabeth. "It will come back again soon!"

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April 20, 2012
Mary Mary

No cockleshells or pretty maids in this garden, just beautiful spring flowers. We cut a good dozen daffodils to bring inside (worried about frost).


Turned out it was totally unnecessary to spoil my garden since they don't mind overnight freezing temperatures. We did enjoy the flowers inside though!

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April 19, 2012
Sleeping Beauty

Elizabeth has been experimenting with her identity recently. A favourite game is pretending to be one of her cousins. Recently she refused to answer to anything but 'Erika' for well over 48 hours. "And Mom, you be 'Kiko and Dad is Uncle Kiss" (ie Yukiko and Chris) Maria joined our family too, sometimes as one of her bears, sometimes just an invisible "extra". While 'tending to be Erika, Elizabeth told everyone she was five years old (this was just before Erika's recent birthday) and tried to do everything the way that Erika does. She ate mushrooms without complaint and insisted that she would go to bed by herself. But at naptime she turned into Elizabeth "just for a moment" because she wanted to nurse. There are apparently limits!


Daddy and I played along to a point, especially when having "Erika" around was to our advantage. Did I mention that Erika eats everything? But I drew the line when Elizabeth started telling me off for speaking English. "'Kiko talks different sounds, Momma. Speak Yapanese!!!"


When she got tired of being Erika, she decided to try Xander's life for a bit. He only eats mashed banna (banana), can't talk and constantly needs diaper changes. The not talking part doesn't last long. Elizabeth has far too many words welling up inside her that are just bursting to come out.

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