May 6, 2012
Mud Pies

Proving that she's all better now, Elizabeth spent much of the day outside helping Mommy and Daddy build new raised garden beds.


She quickly got distracted by the hose and dirt. I neglected to get a photo of the finished product - these are relatively early in the process. She made a "sink", frying pan, muffins and many, many mud pies before settling down to "paint" her arms. "These are my new sleeves", she said.


I ended up hosing her off, clothes and all. Then I stood her in the sunshine to dry off a bit.



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May 5, 2012
Stomach Ache

I've hardly had time to take pictures, let alone update the blog recently. It's been a rather busy couple of weeks at work, complete with inconvenient hardware problems and quite a number of large software updates being rolled out. But at least we missed our annual spring "Pukefest" celebration, right?


Apparently better late than never. Elizabeth took me to the Museum of Nature on Thursday. Then she only ate half her snack. Cue the ominous music while oblivious Mom and happy child waltz across the lobby. Elizabeth didn't want to see the dinosaurs but insisted we head to the parking lot to wait for Daddy. The music gets a little more insistent. But Elizabeth yelled for the echo in the entranceway, ran around "across the bridges" (ie along various curbs and different colours of pavement), stacked rocks and generally acted completely normal while waiting. Then she was quiet in the car. I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to ask her whether her tummy hurt while opening the door but she opened her mouth to answer and out came breakfast, lunch and snack everywhere. Sidenote: I've been mourning my recent lack of ability to eat bananas (they cause severe itchiness and my throat gets swollen), but I think I'm over that now.


Anyway, Elizabeth threw up from about 5:30pm until 2am. Then once more at 4am, to bring her total to fifteen and way under last year's record. I moved a Thermarest into her room so Daddy could get some sleep, but it's pretty hard to sleep if you have to rinse the bucket every twenty minutes.


They talk about important developmental milestones that make a big difference to parental quality of life such as sleeping through the night and potty training. Those are indeed amazing milestones. But the ability to throw up into a receptacle rather than all over your sheets, yourself and your mother might be my favourite yet. Last year she was still pushing bucket away on the theory it might make the throwing up stop. Nearly every episode needed a new set of sheets, pjs and a rinse in the tub.


So this year was SO much better. Of course, it helps that neither Brendan nor I have succumbed to the bug. Hopefully it stays that way!

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May 2, 2012
A new bicycle

Elizabeth desperately wants a new bicycle with pedals "like Noemie" next door. She also wants a second car so we can "match" the neighbours... (Um... No!)


Brendan told her she can't have a new bike until she can balance her old one so she's practicing at every opportunity. She goes up and down and through the swimming pit in the backyard and even into her playhouse.


Remember how I confessed that I was rethinking this whole balance bike thing on the grounds that it is very scary for the parents? Not only is she faster than me (eek!!!) but now Elizabeth's taken to lifting her feet up and coasting half way down the driveway.

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April 28, 2012
Kitty Face

We went to Andrew Fleck's OEYC 10th anniversary celebration (Andrew Fleck is the parent group for Elizabeth's playgroup at Marius Barbeau)


I told Elizabeth we were going to find her "favourite teacher", Sandy. She was quite upset with me for suggesting that we were going to see Sandy, but NOT going to French class. "Sandy IS at French class", she insisted. She was quite nonplussed to find Sandy, in the company of ALL the other teachers AND speaking ENGLISH. Once she got over the shock Elizabeth insisted on showing Sandy her newly acquired balloon puppy and kitty face...


Now Elizabeth likes to pretend to paint her face (it's always a kitty). She's even started to pretend to colour Mommy's face. Daddy only lets her do it when he's sleeping.

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April 24, 2012
Through the eyes of a child
Auntie Janice has taught Elizabeth how to use a camera. (Eek!) Mine became the main source of entertainment during one recent work time.
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