May 25, 2012
Erika's concert

Elizabeth and I went to Erika's kindergarten concert, along with Uncle Chris, Auntie Yukiko, Maria and Grandpa.


We were treated to a gym class demo before the concert. The adults found it quite interesting and a good demonstration of the teacher's ability to maintain discipline of the class, but the little kids were increasingly put out about not getting a turn. "Where's the line, Momma?" asked Elizabeth. "I want to stand in it!"


The concert was less formal than last year's but very cute. Erika was especially proud of being chosen as one of three to remind her peers of the appropriate actions. The little girls both followed along too in the audience. It was adorable. I, of course, captured the entire thing on video and it will be duly inflicted on those who were unable to attend...

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May 24, 2012
Baby Clara

Elizabeth and I went to visit adorable baby Clara for the first time. Clara didn't want her meal interrupted for pictures (can't imagine why!) but her Mom knew how to remedy that problem :)


Elizabeth got to help feed Clara and she was captivated. She's spent a lot of time expertly burping her dollies ever since.

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May 23, 2012
Rain Dance
"I went dancing in the rain and my feet got wetted. I jumped and jumped until the puddle was all gone. Momma, I want to dance in the rain a-den. Wight, wight NOW. Pweease?"
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May 21, 2012
Sheep Shearing Fest

I read somewhere that the Agriculture Museum's "Sheep Shearing Fest" is proof that there really is a festival for everything here in Ottawa.


Elizabeth's seen a sheep being shorn before with Daddy, but this was the first time we made it to the festival. I thought the sheep were remarkably well behaved during their haircuts. It looks very uncomfortable. Elizabeth helped card and felt wool into a bracelet. We also got to watch the sheep dogs in action. Some were much better than others (age, training), which I thought added a level of interest and amusement. My favourite was the brown dog that brought her toy around the course and then splooshed into the wading pool at the end. Did I mention it was pretty hot? After watching the sheep dogs, Elizabeth immediately declared her intent to set up an obstacle course in the backyard. She's spent many hours since happily woofing her way around the backyard. Through the playhouse window, 'round the sandbox, under the slide, over the teeter totter, through the pylons, up the stairs and down the slide...


The sheep herding was also really interesting. The shepherd had three dogs of varying levels of competence and demonstrated how they train them. Younger dogs need the shepherd to guide them with flags, while staying in front of the sheep. Trained dogs can just herd the sheep without the shepherd with only the sound of whisles. The shepherd was rather apologetic because the sheep were tired of being herded over and over again and therefore not as cooperative as normal. I would have gotten frustrated too, but the dogs guided the sheep rather impressively around the paddock to my inexpert eye!

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May 19, 2012

We had a weekend full of family as Maria turned THREE and Xander was presented for dedication at church. The observant will notice that somehow Erika never turned six last month. I didn't have my camera, but the event definitely happened. Elizabeth declared birthday parties lots of fun, though somewhat wistfully observed that she likes it best when she gets to blow out the candles.


At Maria's party:

  • All the kids (except Josie and Xander) had a turn climbing into the balance bike box.
  • Xander was picking through Uncle Dave's hair like a monkey.
  • Maria hid under the table at picture time (but I caught her anyway)
  • Maria blew out her candles as soon as the cake came within range (we weren't even done singing Happy Birthday yet!). This was AFTER she had to be persuaded to come out of hiding under the table...
  • Elizabeth and Maria now have matching bikes and helmets. I believe Elizabeth even refrained from spilling the surprise, though it was very "twicky". Look out world!


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