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May 29, 2012
The blue box might be bigger than she is, but such a thing isn't about to stop a determined preschooler from being "a good helper".

May 28, 2012

We've had two Ray's living with us, briefly at the same time.


Raymond lived with us a few years ago and has just finished his Master's (Architecture). He dropped by to say hi and show us his fabulous plans for modular, high density housing. Did you know that Hong Kong has "apartments" that are essentially big enough for a (filthy) bed and nothing else? He rented a place where over a dozen (17?) adults shared one bathroom as part of his studies. I had pictured Hong Kong as a pretty prosperous place, so I was rather shocked by the photos and floor plans. We are extremely blessed! I hope that Ray's plans can make a practical difference.


I believe Elizabeth took the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities as a sheepdog mimic. As she does.


May 27, 2012
Elizabeth begged to wear this to church today for Pentecost. I had told her that she should wear something the colour of fire...

May 26, 2012

It was Xander's first Great Glebe Garage sale (and his mom's too!)


The "pink ladies" came as usual bearing many baked goods, books and plants. Auntie Janice manned a table full of the random bits and bobs we wanted to part with ourselves, and did a roaring business in adorable (custom) earrings. 


Elizabeth took some of her work time earnings and bought a glass of lemonade from the little girl (and her brother) next door. I foresee competing lemonade stands in our future, but maybe they can be convinced to have a joint enterprise!


Elizabeth also bought a cupcake from the pink ladies. She very carefully weighed her options before selecting the perfect cupcake. Then we walked around the neighbourhood admiring the wide variety of items for sale. Bouncy horses super popular this year for some reason... Elizabeth wanted a "trottinette" aka scooter just like Crocolou (a wolf / crocodile hybrid in a book that she's recently taken a shine too) and also like Erika. Auntie Heather found one. I was dismayed to discover that the bike extensions I've been coveting are too way tall for Elizabeth. These are the things that turn a bike into a tandem with the second rider being a child - sadly I am sure she will be riding on her own bike long before she's able to reach the pedals on those.


Later that evening Elizabeth wondered where all the "gwage salers" went. "I want them to come back tomorrow!"


May 25, 2012

Elizabeth and I went to Erika's kindergarten concert, along with Uncle Chris, Auntie Yukiko, Maria and Grandpa.


We were treated to a gym class demo before the concert. The adults found it quite interesting and a good demonstration of the teacher's ability to maintain discipline of the class, but the little kids were increasingly put out about not getting a turn. "Where's the line, Momma?" asked Elizabeth. "I want to stand in it!"


The concert was less formal than last year's but very cute. Erika was especially proud of being chosen as one of three to remind her peers of the appropriate actions. The little girls both followed along too in the audience. It was adorable. I, of course, captured the entire thing on video and it will be duly inflicted on those who were unable to attend...


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