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August 30, 2012

So, our shampoo, corn starch and food colouring window paint comes off easily even after being left for several months to bake in more than 30C heat.


Good to know...


August 29, 2012
Elizabeth has taken to climbing on just about everything and taking any and all opportunities to contort herself into the strangest positions.  She seems to be in constant motion.  Even when standing on the spot she is actually moving around and shifting position constantly.  She loves jumping on one foot and spends a fair amount of time falling down as a result of trying new things.  This is usually followed by "oh bother" which is cute beyond belief.  She has taken to trying every combination of foot movements in order to maximize her speed on her bike and is now also working on mastering the scooter and a tricycle (borrowed from Erika who has outgrown it anyway in order to learn how to peddle so that she can move up to a big girl bike).  Daddy is sure that all of this squirminess and general lack of interest in the laws of physics are from Mommy's side...

August 28, 2012

At three and a half, Elizabeth weighs 13.15 kg (29 lbs). That puts her almost on par with her Uncle Chris when he was one! She's approximately 95.25cm (37.5") tall.


She's very keen to start school, but wants to bring Mommy or Daddy so they can "watch her for a very long time". She's much better at playing by herself, and even will sometimes play happily in the basement while we do other things on the first floor. Crafts, cars, cooking, trains and BABIES all still very popular. She loves singing, nursery rhymes, stories and writing letters.


Although she has a hard time without an afternoon nap, it's rare that she'll take one. Instead she prefers to wriggle quietly in bed for three quarters of an hour. Mommy rarely agrees to nap too, mostly because it tends to end with sleeping Mommy being gently tapped awake. "Mommy, are you wakeable yet?" loudly whispers the toddler. "I think it must be wake up time!"


After she turned three, she started to tell us that she'd stop nursing "when I'm four". I first noticed that she didn't want to nurse for comfort anymore when she was stung by those wasps, and by cottage time she'd pretty much dropped nursing when she first woke up, leaving only a rather sporadic nap time session. I *think* she has now stopped entirely.


She's become much more acrobatic and confident, though new situations can see her revert to a mute cling-a-saurus. She's not very adventurous around slides until she's sure it's not faster than she can safely descend by herself (and won't "static" her). She's developed a fear of the dark. There might be alligators or wolves waiting out of sight to gobble her up, you know. She loves jumping and hopping on one foot or another. It's more fun with an audience who can watch "the biggest jump you ever saw". Biking is still extremely popular. She's fast enough now that Mommy can bike beside her. Did I mention she can put her whole head entirely under water?


She's more insistent about getting her point across and gets very frustrated if adults don't listen, or worse, try to guess what she's saying in order to speed up the story. She does like to tell very elaborate stories - nothing wrong with her imagination!!! She likes to ask if her story was "amazing" or "prising" (aka surprising). Frequently she ends a story by saying "and Mommy was very amused." She loves stories about fairies, goblins etc (such as Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair series), but can get very worked up about stories that don't make sense. Flying chairs - no problem. A house that has chocolate milk coming out of the taps? Great agitation. "But MOOOOMMMY - taps are SUPPOSED to have WATER". We tell her it's just for pretend, but it doesn't help. It's too "silly". Mind you, occasionally she has the same reaction to ordinary facts. She did not at all like hearing about molten rock deep in the earth, though the idea of mountains burping smoke had some appeal... When she gets upset, she usually asks for a hug. Hugs make everything better!


We wouldn't call her a picky eater anymore. She started eating berries and all kinds of previously rejected foods - not always in great quantities, but happily and without protest. She still has some dislikes - tomatoes definitely not popular - but protests quite mildly before eating them.


She still sleeps well, but has lately been waking in the middle of the night to call for someone to replace her covers. No matter how well we cover her, she seems to kick them off early on and then gets cold. Unfortunately she doesn't like Mommy's idea that she should just wear warm "jamamas" (pyjamas) and forget about the blanket altogether. Sigh.


Still she's so much fun that we wouldn't have her any other way...


August 27, 2012

Elizabeth wrote her first letter "all by herself" to Great Uncle Carl, but it was too funny not to share this for posterity.


Writing so many letters in a row is very tiring, so she got fed up half way through and decided to dictate the rest. She was very anxious as to whether I was writing down "exactly" what she was saying. Seems she thinks she can trust that I'm giving her the right letters to spell out but dictating her thoughts needs repetition. Mind you, she does get carried away even when I'm spelling words for her. She adds extra letters willy-nilly.


August 26, 2012

Ryan's seen many tourist attractions in the last year, so we decided that he should visit the Diefenbunker - Ottawa's "secret" underground bomb shelter built to protect the Canadian government in case of nuclear attack. It's rather unique.


Every time I go I'm struck by two things:


1) Only the whole world being utterly destroyed would be enough incentive for me to put up with the decor - such a depressing work place!

2) It would be super fun place for a giant game of laser tag


This was our second visit, and Brendan found it seemed much smaller this time. Especially given how many people (approximately 500) were supposed to live there!


As soon as Elizabeth realized that Ryan was willing to read her endless stories, she warmed up to him very quickly. She was sad to see him go home...




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