January 24, 2013
Winter science

Apparently Ottawa's heating system is broken (how else to explain a 60C degree differential between inside and outside the past few days???)


This is good for the canal, except that it is just too cold to go outside to enjoy it! It was so cold that our ABS and traction control systems were non-operational. The suspension was frozen. The seats were rock hard (no give in the foam, because it was frozen!). When Brendan took his foot off the accelerator, the car stopped without coasting - too much friction from ice and frozen fluids. At least our car started though - our poor neighbours drive a diesel. I hear it needs a tow someplace warm to thaw out the gas.


The upside to -30C (-40C windchill) is an opportunity for some fun science. I decided we should do two winter experiments. Unusually, they both worked, though at first I thought the winter bubbles looked remarkably like summer bubbles. This was partly because the warm air from my breath was keeping the bubbles from freezing right away. Apparently they freeze faster if you make the bubbles by waving the bubble wand around.


Also, if you haven't ever boiled a kettle and poured it outdoors when super cold, it's very impressive. Elizabeth hypothesized that the hot water would melt the ice. She was quite surprised to find out what really happens! I want to try it again with food colouring!

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January 23, 2013
Capital of extremes
A while back you may remember that we were complaining about the ridiculous heat.  Now while this may not be hot compared to some places you have to take it in context.  Here we live in a city of temperature extremes.  On the one hand we can see plus 38 C and on the other we can get -30 C.  That's a spread of 70 C and doesn't take into account humidex or wind chill (both of which we do pretty well on as well).  So while some places may be hotter and some places may be colder there are few that see the range we do for a major city.  The shot of the car was taken at nearly 10 AM by which time the sun had been busy warming up the air for quite some time (albeit not very effectively).  The forecast screen shot was after sunrise as well and was likely not the coldest it got either.  Anyway while this is all very interesting, Elizabeth would really much rather that it warmed up a bit so that she can go outside and play.  Please.
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January 22, 2013

Some things are just silly.  These photos are amongst such things.


For the uninitiated: Rabbids a definition.

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January 18, 2013
First Canal Skate 2013

After last week's mild temperatures, we were very surprised to hear they opened part of the canal this morning!

Elizabeth has been asking when the canal will open since it closed last year. So we decided that we should go, even though the temperatures plunged to negative double digits yesterday (with the windchill it was -30C this morning).


By this afternoon it was a mere -10C (-20C windchill) so we bundled up warmly and headed out. The plus side of being too pregnant to skate is that Daddy had to come too. The minus side was that Daddy and Elizabeth decided that since I couldn't skate I might as well stand in the Beavertail line and acquire treats that I can't even eat! Luckily they sell hot chocolate too...


The ice was rather bumpy and the wind cold, but the neat ice flooding machine was parked nearby and Elizabeth really loves skating. Before we'd even gotten back to the car, Elizabeth was already suggesting we should go back tomorrow...

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January 16, 2013
Breech Baby - 35w 5d

I had another ultrasound yesterday at our favourite clinic after receiving an apology from the clinic about the whole gender based abortion thing. Turns out that it's not a clinic specific policy, rather it's a Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada policy. The clinic in question follows all SOGC guidelines, in part because their top doctor is on the board of directors! Reputable clinics are supposed to follow these guidelines too though, meaning that clinics in Canada really aren't supposed to be giving out gender prior to 20 weeks. They aren't even supposed to be noting it on the patient's chart since there is then a legal obligation to provide it as per 1992 Supreme court decision that the patient owns the information, not the medical professional. The sonographer / manager at the clinic that I spoke to has promised to talk to the top doctor about my experience and get back to me in two weeks with more information and possibly some kind of solution. They are appalled at the idea that the policy could result in women choosing to delay their ultrasounds until after 20 weeks. It sounds very much like the perspective of ordinary people who just want to know gender wasn't really thought about when the policy was adopted.


The woman I spoke to also recommended that pregnant women who have a desire to know gender for non abortion reasons should contact the SOGC to let them know they don't agree with the policy. 


Interestingly, a relative of mine says they had the same experience in London Ontario as early as 1996, so the issue is not as "new" as one might think.


On to the results:


Still a boy, still on 50% percentile growth curve (5lb 18oz) and still breech. But not classic breech; "Oblique" and almost transverse.


Baby feels like he's trying to turn head down, usually making a concentrated effort somewhere around 5am and 9pm, before giving up and ramming his head into my rib cage. That seems to be his comfort zone; if not exactly mine! I am not very hopeful he can do it though - it feels like there is something in the way. Also, OUCH.


 I haven't tried acupuncture as baby is still seemingly trying to turn, but I have spent some quality time in strange positions recommended as being useful. They didn't help Elizabeth and I don't think they are helping now either. It's apparently possible that my anatomy simply doesn't allow head down positioning.


At my midwife appointment today I was told I will now be referred to an OB in order to schedule the c-section. Hopefully the same one as last time has space.

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