March 21, 2013
Greek Night

We introduced my Dad to the joys of nearly singeing the eyebrows off the brave cheese holding volunteer. That fireball is what we get when we cook our cheese without the recommended extra oil and after draining the grease. It's also probably why we have "Greek night" so often...



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March 20, 2013
Winter is nearly over, but until the snow is gone Elizabeth plans to keep rebuilding her fort as often as necessary. And by building, she means supervising her manual labour...
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March 19, 2013
First smile

Matthew smiled for the first time at Mommy. Then he smiled again at Uncle Chris!


There is no photographic evidence. As Elizabeth would say "I KNOW!"


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March 18, 2013
Bike sledding

Spring in Ottawa... It's when you can still go sledding, but it's warm enough (and the sidewalks are clear enough) to bike...

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March 17, 2013
Dinner at Dave & Karen's

Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen invited us over for dinner (and homemade icecream!)


Xander is getting chattier every time we see him. He may not always be entirely intelligible, but when you add the emphatic gestures his meaning is unmistakable. He is ADORABLE, especially when he plays peekaboo. "Where's so-and-so?" someone might ask. Xander puts on the most puzzled look, shrugs his shoulders and puts his hands out palms up. He had a great time "explaining" all his toys to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is still convinced that the reason that babies can't talk is their lack of teeth, so she keeps expecting that he'll suddenly acquire language the way teeth keep sprouting through his gums.

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