May 19, 2013
Victoria Day Fireworks

I love fireworks, but have found having small children has seriously interfered with my opportunities to see them. Something about small children needing sleep and reluctantly concurring that hubby has a point when he says that 10pm reduces ours to hysteria...


The Victoria day fireworks are just around the corner from us though and they start an hour earlier at 9pm. The last three years we've watched them from the bathroom. I decided I just couldn't bear to see them from a precarious perch on the toilet this year, so we put Elizabeth to bed slightly early. Then we bundled Matthew into the sling and Elizabeth into the stroller and I GOT TO SEE FIREWORKS!!!

It was lovely, aside from the cars that decided to park on the driveway. I still don't understand why traffic control didn't move them along, but things got rather crazy. The fireworks had some technical difficulties getting started; just as well because it took Elizabeth a full half hour to wake up. She loved it, though it's hard to say which she enjoyed more: fireworks or riding in the stroller (normally forbidden because she's really too big and she'd otherwise refuse to use her feet).



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May 18, 2013
International Museum Day

We celebrated International Museum Day by taking advantage of free admission at the Museum of Nature. Elizabeth came home hissing like a cockroach :)


Afterwards everyone came over for a bbq, except for Uncle Chris and Yukiko and the girls, since they were visiting Japan.


Ten days later, Brendan and I are struck by how small our rock pile now seems (it has grown substantially)

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May 17, 2013
Pedal bike

Elizabeth received a pedal bike from her collective grandparents for her birthday this year. As soon as the snow melted, we let Elizabeth try it out.


I think she was expecting it to be easier to ride than it was, because after that first time of wild lurches and much parental hanging on she wasn't super keen to try it again. One problem was that her feet tended to come off the pedals. On the balance bike she tends to scoot along and then put her feet down, which results in tipping over on the pedal bike. Remembering to keep pedaling was tricky. She was perturbed that she couldn't pedal backwards to go back (her bike has pedal brakes in addition to the hand brake). Steering was unexpectedly a problem. But we kept at it and she quickly improved.


Now the only problem is that she can't get on or off the bike by herself. Mommy is getting a lot of exercise while running beside the bike to catch her if she unexpectedly veers into the grass. "I'm making you run, Mommy!" shouts Elizabeth gleefully as I frantically try to keep pace.

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May 16, 2013
Cold spring day plus sale on hot dogs = time for a fireside wiener roast
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May 12, 2013
3 months

At three months, Matthew is noticeably heavier, but don't ask me how much he weighs or anything like that because we haven't managed to locate a scale under all the baby spitup. It's the curse of the second child. The lack of milestone observations, I mean...


Matthew does "spit" quite a lot more than Elizabeth ever did. He is also a LOT grabbier. He sucks on everything but especially likes his fist, thumb or Mom's hair. My scalp quite often tingles at the end of the day from all the hair pulling, and no matter how often I disentangle he always seems to have a fistful in his grubby little paw. And grubby is an understatement - for some reason the cracks in his hands are almost always BLACK with some kind of lint by the end of the day. It's really gross.


Matthew's very alert and loves to watch the world around him, especially his big sister. She doesn't like when he watches her getting dressed though! He can roll back to front, but doesn't that often because he'd really rather stand up. He usually sits in the Bumbo while we eat, staring very intensely at our food. Elizabeth constantly lectures him about not being old enough to eat yet. When he turns five months she's planning to feed him mashed bananas and pizza. Matthew can wiggle clear across the bed and is clearly frustrated by his lack of body control - he epecially wants to be able to crawl already. He likes to bat at toys. It's even better if he can eat them...


Naps generally happen four times a day. At 6 or so he wakes up and plays for an hour or so. Then he sleeps for an hour. He naps again mid morning (10:30ish) and midafternoon (3ish). By 6:30 he's ready for his last nap. He always wakes up just as I'm trying to get Elizabeth ready for bed. It's like he has sensors. Brendan thinks he has Mommy sensors too. If I leave the house during a nap, he'll wake within a few minutes. If I'm away too long he allegedly screams "like he's practicing for a career as an opera singer" (as our tenant Jesse puts it). Daddy sends increasingly dire sounding texts about Matthew's wellbeing, but by the time I get home Matthew is always sleeping quietly!


He's a very content and giggly baby. So far, he doesn't seem to mind strangers holding him. I mentioned before that he has three baby signs "milk", "diaper" and "change". We usually use diaper and change together but interestingly he seems to sometimes use "change" and sometimes "diaper". They only happen together when he feels very ignored. "Diaper" always means he's wet, but "change" sometimes gets signed a minute or so before he actually wets himself. Not that we've done much in the way of natural infant hygiene stuff - Mom finds boys more complicated to sit on the toilet! "Change" also seems to mean "I'm done, pick me up" - someone has figured out how to get our attention anyway...

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