July 25, 2013
Christmas in July

You've probably noticed that I enjoy celebrating the seasons (especially if it involves cute and/or tasty food). Usually I stick to liturgical holidays but I didn't get to make a bche de Nol this year and I'm still feeling deprived.


Or maybe I was just inexplicably in the mood for Christmas carols... In any case I got up at 5am to wrap cucumbers in nori and generally had way too much fun.



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July 20, 2013

Matthew learned about grass for the first time. Elizabeth brought him all kinds of things to look at. He was fascinated! Then we went to the park in our "dear little wagon". Matthew sits well enough that he could ride too. He fell asleep on Elizabeth's lap on the way home. Heart melting to see her gently patting his head.


I mentioned that Elizabeth is starting to include Matthew in her play in lieu of stuffies. Here he is taking the role of "doctor". She has since had him be the patient, because the doctor shouldn't eat his stethoscope!

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July 19, 2013
Cosmic Adventures

Yukiko and I took the girls (and Matthew) to Cosmic Adventures.


The last time the cousins went together was in 2009! Maria was still in utero and Elizabeth was 2 months old. I spent the whole time crawling in the tunnels with Erika. We went again when Elizabeth was 11 months old but it was so traumatic for this slightly germ phobic mom that we haven't been since.


I'm happy to report that there was no vomit this time. It wasn't super busy but it's still a rather intense experience. Elizabeth and Maria weren't quite sure about the big tunnels full of shrieking pushy strangers so Yukiko and I ended up taking it in turns to crawl through the tunnels with the kids. Matthew even made it up the tunnels with Mommy at one point to watch them going up and down the slides.


Elizabeth really enjoyed herself, but I was exhausted afterwards!



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July 16, 2013
End of an era

Reza (Ray) and Jesse have lived with us so long that Elizabeth can't remember a time when they didn't!


In fact, Ray predates Elizabeth and is responsible for the fact that Elizabeth has had a facebook and gmail account since birth. Jesse's been around since before Elizabeth could walk. Before they arrived, we had new tenants nearly every year, but Elizabeth doesn't remember that. We are out of practice, but all good things must come to an end and they are both leaving us this summer.


Ray's new job is in Toronto and he couldn't be convinced to telecommute. Jesse is heading to Waterloo for his masters.


The house is very quiet without them. They will be missed.


Elizabeth is mollified by the promise that she gets her very own room now that we have more space (we won't rent out both rooms anymore). She doesn't really fit that well on the old crib mattress anymore. Must be growing up!

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July 15, 2013
Car baking

Early on in my journey as a parent, I read Gene Weingarten's award winning article about how it happens that a parent can forget their child in the car. (If you haven't read this, you should, even though it is deeply disturbing.) We have tried to make sure we are always mindful of our children around the car as a direct result of that article.


I read recently that some kids have experienced  hyperthermia after hiding in a car too long. Elizabeth knows she isn't allowed to hide in enclosed spaces in general but wanting to make doubly sure she wasn't inclined to hide in the car we decided it was time to show her just how hot the car gets.


It's hot enough to bake cookies!



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