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September 29, 2013

We took Matthew swimming in a swimming pool for the first time today. He was initially a little freaked out but gradually loosened up enough to start splashing Mommy with a certain amount of glee. He doesn't get as chilly as baby Elizabeth did so had lots of time to relax. When we were ready to get out of the water he wasn't a beautiful shade of blue and thus would have continued to play in the water quite happily for a while longer!


Elizabeth was put out that we forgot her life jacket but quickly started paddling around with "just" a noodle. Erika gets more comfortable in the water every time I see her. Her dad has now declared her a swimmer (I concur!) And Maria took a big step too, swimming with a noodle from one parent to the other! (She usually just clings to Mommy) The girls are growing up so quickly!


September 27, 2013

We've been doing room shuffles here since our tenants moved out, and that has meant lots of painting.


Of course Elizabeth wanted to help paint, especially in her new room (a story for another day!) Elizabeth help means streaks across the wall and paint on the floor but I guess everyone has to start somewhere...


We've been meaning to install a railing for our front steps for a number of years now, but after Xander recently fell down the steps we determined that we really needed to make this happen before winter. Painting outside with small children is slightly less exhausting than painting with them indoors. We've taken to plunking Matthew down in the middle of the lawn and letting him explore while we quick try to get something done. When he finds something forbidden, we pick him up and put him back into the middle of the lawn. Elizabeth usually watches to make sure he doesn't ingest too many leaves.


I learned to turn OFF the water to the hose before letting Matthew close to the sprayer...





September 25, 2013

Elizabeth was quite ill on Tuesday. I gotta say: having a child who is old enough to puke into her bucket totally unassisted is still one of my favourite milestones. By early Wednesday she had stopped throwing up every hour or so but was completely exhausted - slept most of the day and didn't want to do anything until I told her Auntie Mary was coming to visit. She perked up, marched outside and plunked herself down on the front steps where she declared her intention to stay until Mary arrived. Luckily we only had about an hour until then!


September 23, 2013

Writing this post on September 30th, these pictures seem very old now because Matthew is mostly horizontal. Hard to believe how fast he's morphing from baby to "toppler" (as Brendan likes to put it)


Matthew loves his food, especially apples. He pretty much perfected his "pull to stand" so that he could get into the box of apples we brought home from the orchard. One moment he was happily playing with age appropriate toys and the next he was hovering over the apple bin, gleefully flinging apples all over the kitchen while sucking on the plastic bags. Next thing I knew he was rolling the apples across the floor - seemed harmless enough until he took a great big bite out of one. Apparently you only need two teeth to eat an apple - who knew?


For a while I could resort to opening the fridge as a much needed distraction, but then he discovered how to open the drawers and get into the condiments stored in the door. So that was that!


In other news, he can now climb up a single stair. We're still working on going back down safely...


September 21, 2013

Aumtie Karen makes the most adorable cakes. Xander was much more into his party than last year. Mom still had to blow out his candles, but he tried! He was not phased by all the people AND he ate some of his cake (although he totally preferred the gluten-free peanut butter marshmallow squares... as did Elizabeth, who wondered whether her next birthday cake could be made out of marshmallows!)


We got Xander a helmet and Elizabeth agreed to "lend" him her balance bike. Huge step as it signals that she's confident enough in her pedal bike skills to let go of the baby bike that she has really outgrown at this point. We hope Xander enjoys it as much as she has!


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