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October 22, 2013

This is a mishmash of photos that I took of my garden. If I'd been organized I'd have posted about the garden as it grew from first seeds haphazardly "planted" by my enthusiastic small helpers (Xander and Elizabeth) until last frantic harvest before frost. Since that frost held off until Oct 23rd, we had a pretty amazing run!


The cucumbers didn't get devoured by bugs this year, so we got to eat quite a few and we tried three different kinds of pickles. Not that I've actually been brave enough to try EATING any of those pickles yet!


I thought I'd taken a few more pictures of a daily harvest - suffice it to say that we had beans and tomatoes coming out of our ears as usual. The tomatoes were very, very slow to ripen, so by the time they were ready to can I was already sick of canning. I didn't end up canning nearly as many as I usually do - hopefully I do not regret this too much in February.


We tried carrots for the first time and they were an enormous success - probably the sweetest carrots I've ever hard.


But the big garden story this year was definitely pumpkins. Turns out third time is the charm! We could have had seven pumpkins, but one got knocked off the vine and one got eaten by slugs and other creepy crawlies.


October 20, 2013

Elizabeth and I went to see the Pirates of Penzance, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa J. We were very happy to see Iain (of frog sitting fame), who was directing the children's choir.


Elizabeth wants to be a pirate. She wanted to know how come she couldn't be in the play, but was mostly satisfied with my explanation that someone has to watch!


Afterwards we checked out the cool robot art exhibit downstairs.


October 19, 2013

Getting to go to Home Depot and drive the cart with Matthew is one of Elizabeth's favourite treats. Daddy doesn't mind one bit...


October 15, 2013
The Museum Agriculture had big piles of hay out for jumping in over Thanksgiving. After watching the other kids carefully, Elizabeth joined in the fun. She declared the new "playstructure" "best ever"!

October 14, 2013

We snuck in our annual visit to see the butterflies at Carleton university on Oct 11th in between breakfast and Nora and crew coming to visit at 10. Turns out that if you arrive just before they open you can avoid the lines. Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen tried to go fifteen minutes later and by the time they located parking the line was already over an hour and a half long!


Elizabeth alternated between begging me to "catch" a butterfly and having mild freakouts that a butterfly might LAND on her, but she was much less anxious than previous years. Her favourite butterfly was the green one. Matthew hardly registered the butterflies at all - he was too busy trying to eat the plants and staring at all the people! We did enjoy seeing all the beautiful insects though I couldn't help contrast Elizabeth's first time with Matthew's. I took Erika and Elizabeth, and we wandered *by ourselves* (!) through the greenhouse. I put Elizabeth down and she crawled around for a while. You'd never get a picture of a butterfly sitting on a piece of orange on the ground anymore. Even assuming that the hordes didn't trample the butterfly and the orange, all you'd see would be feet (and maybe three or four other telephoto lenses from aspiring photographers trying out their new bling).

Brendan hasn't been in years and was quite shocked by how crowded it has become. Still worth it, but I think the time has come to change venues or charge admission.


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