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November 30, 2013

Great Aunt Joanne came to visit us while judging a music festival and Elizabeth was SO happy that she was having a sleepover!


My cousin Marc came from Montreal for lunch while she was here so I pulled Elizabeth out of school early and we went to the Works. Brendan was sad to miss out - he was stuck in bed with a nasty migraine. The waiter gave the kids dinosaurs to play with while we waited for our food. There were many shenanigans. Elizabeth wasn't terribly hungry;  I sent her to school without any lunch and so the teachers fed her pizza. I gather they hadn't seen my note sent the night before, figured I forgot to send a lunch (!) and Elizabeth was so eager to have the pizza she didn't explain that she was supposed to be getting ready to be picked up.


Back at home Elizabeth and Marc had great fun throwing snow at each other (she was sad he couldn't have a sleepover too - I'm under orders to "vite him for another date")


Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen and the kids came the next evening for stuffed pumpkins. It was pretty fun for Elizabeth to show Auntie Joanne what she's learning on the piano and later in the evening Janice, Joanne and I practised some Christmas carols that we are planning to inflict on the relatives next month...


November 27, 2013

It snowed before, but this was the first real accumulation of the season, enough to cancel the school buses and declare a SNOW DAY!


Elizabeth and Daddy built a ginormous snowman. People liked him enough that they came back to take pictures. One lady told us we "won the snowman competition". "Best in the Glebe", another said "and I've walked my dog all over, so I should know!"


November 25, 2013

 Matthew had extremely rosy cheeks for a couple of days. Nipped by Jack Frost? Teething?


In any case he is now up to five teeth and while he has stopped biting ankles, we still caution folks to be careful if he is leaning his mouth against them. Especially if it's a horizontal surface, he sometimes nips without warning.


November 23, 2013

Saturday mornings are usually somewhat rushed, what with needing to drop Daddy off for the remedial French "family" lessons that Elizabeth's school strongly suggested we ought to do, skating classes at St Laurent arena and then dashing back to school so that Elizabeth could participate in the last half hour of French class.


I have somewhat perfected the art of putting skates on one kid while baby wrangling but admittedly it got more challenging when Matthew outgrew the infant car seat and started trying to eat other people's skates (we don't go into the change rooms anymore).


This particular Saturday was more logistically challenged than usual, as there was a Come Sing Messiah rehearsal and an important meeting at church. In the end we opted to skip French class and I took the kids to the second half of the Messiah rehearsal after Elizabeth's skating class. They were pretty well behaved, even if Matthew DID try to eat my score.


After rehearsal we headed back downtown to pick up Daddy. He wasn't quite done but the streets were all blocked off and we could hear music - it was the Santa Parade! I've never actually seen a Santa Parade but since we were right there I thought it might be fun to check it out. It was SO much fun! It started snowing really hard - I felt a little sorry for the second marching band that kept having to shake the snow off their instruments. Also kind of funny was the float with the completely superfluous snow making machine.


I asked Elizabeth what I should write about the Santa Parade and this is what she said:

"First when I got candy it was a hard yellow one. There were treats and a lady had a red stick and her asked me and I said yes and she put it on my nose. That's why I gotta red nose.


First when I came I saw horses. The little horses were cuter than Matthew. Matthew's pretty cute but they were cuter. Outside there was lots and lots of snow.


There was a truck and people were standing and singing. C'est dangereux. Isn't that not safe Mommy?"


After supper, Elizabeth wanted to go and play in the snow, but she was coughing quite badly again and we thought she'd had enough outdoor time. So we brought some snow inside and let her play with it in the sink.


November 19, 2013

It was Matthew's first year "helping" make our Christmas cake - he was a little younger than Elizabeth was for her first time. Elizabeth was at school and sadly didn't get to help.


She was rather put out. On the other hand, she also didn't want to miss school. "There's too many fun things to do", she said rather wistfully.


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