January 14, 2014
January Spring

Elizabeth was complaining that her boots were a bit tight in October, so we bought her a second pair. And then when we got home we discovered that new boots were the same size as old boots! We thought about returning them but it seemed like more trouble than it was worth.


Now we are so glad to have two pairs of boots (and two pairs of snowpants!) Even when we aren't experiencing a quasi spring melt she comes home soaked. I gather there are sleds to play with at school and a favourite occupation is rolling down the snow hill.


I took these photos on the way home from school. Elizabeth jumped from puddle to puddle. "Look Mom!" she said "I'm walking on the trees!"

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January 10, 2014
Cheveux Fou

I don't look forward to Fridays because Daddy has an early breakfast meeting and that means I must wrangle the two kids all by myself!


Elizabeth is NOT a morning person; not only does she need to be woken up on school days, but frequently I need to help her out of her pjs and into her clothes. This is more challenging when Matthew is trying to climb into her "castle" bed and play with her...


We were running frantically through our morning routine when all of a sudden Elizabeth reminded me that it was crazy hair day and I had promised to make her rainbow hair. I was grateful for the fresh snow that had not yet been plowed as I was able to plunk both kids into the sled and pull them to the bus stop just as the bus was arriving.

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January 9, 2014
Matthew on the canal

It warmed up a little so we met Elizabeth's school bus with a car load of essential skating gear and headed straight for the canal.


It was Matthew's first time and he seemed to enjoy the experience (well, actually he mostly napped!)  We brought the sled in case Elizabeth got tired and she enjoyed chasing it. It was a good incentive to get her to skate fast. She skated from Patterson to Concord, which we reckon is about a kilometer, but after her hot chocolate and Beaver Tail she just wanted to be pulled in the sled all the way home. It was pretty dark by then!

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January 6, 2014

A snow day gave us an extra day of Christmas holidays with which to celebrate Epiphany.


I made a gluten free galette des rois again. My puff pastry is improving (possibly letting it sit longer helps. Hmmm. Guess I need to start making this part the day before!). I substituted sunflower for almonds in the frangipane so that Auntie Janice could have some too.


We sang "We Three Kings" and read the relevant scripture.


I was more successful at locating the token than last year, and I let Elizabeth be Queen again. She wanted to wear her crown to bed again. And to school. Neither were permitted, but she was allowed to be Breakfast Queen. And the camels and myrrh bottle hung out on our table for a few days until we could bear to put them away. We had no difficulty disposing of the "golden" coins...

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January 5, 2014
Happy Birthday Janice
Blender Sunflower Torte! We discovered that you can substitute ground raw sunflower seeds for almond flour and so all of a sudden there are lots of almond based things that I can feed Janice and Dave again!
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