January 28, 2014

Auntie Heather is lending Elizabeth some miniature cross country skis, and today she showed Elizabeth how to use them!


There was a lot of wild giggling. I didn't quiiite manage to get a photo of Elizabeth pretending to be a bug with her legs in the air as she was learning how to fall, but it was adorable.

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January 25, 2014
Princess Party

Elizabeth was invited to a Mother-Daughter Princess birthday party and we were asked to dress appropriately. Elizabeth has decided that princesses should have curly hair, so Auntie Janice made her curlers out of straws and she slept with them in overnight. The resulting ringlets were AMAZING!


Janice made me a feather braid. Apparently her close study of Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube is paying off!


At the party there were many little girls of all ages and their moms, all dressed beautifully (but I only took photos of Elizabeth and food - not knowing enough of the moms to feel comfortable getting permission to post photos!). Mary Anna and her mom obviously put a great deal of thought into what makes a spectacular princess party. Elizabeth wants to copy many of the ideas for her birthday (although I pointed out that she wants to invite a few boys and perhaps they might not want to dress up as princesses...)


Elizabeth kept sighing and saying "Oh Mommy this is SOOOO lovely".

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January 22, 2014
Cold weather fun

We're experiencing a cold snap, so I decided it was time for more cold weather science!


We showed Elizabeth what happens when we throw boiling water into cold air last year, but I wanted to see what it looked like if you added food colouring. The water wasn't quite as hot as it should have been due to timing concerns, but we were satisfied with the results nonetheless.


We did some frozen bubble blowing while waiting for the bus. Elizabeth's bus buddies were quite impressed - they tried popping the bubbles and were amazed that they keep their shape even with a hole!



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January 21, 2014
Matthew is eleven months

At eleven months, Matthew weighs about 18 pounds. Last well baby checkup our pediatrician (Dr Lynn Jacoby) said his weight was pretty flat and starting to fall off his curve, so we've been relieved to see it increase again. Mind you, it's hard because he is VERY busy! If he isn't crawling, he's scooting around the furniture or walking holding onto someone's hands (or legs if they don't cooperate!). He'll use chairs big and small as a makeshift walker. I've learned to keep a close eye on him after he nearly pushed his highchair followed by the Roomba vacuum down the stairs. Throwing things is a favourite activity, especially down the stairs. Elizabeth likes to toss a ball back and forth, or play "hockey" with tupperware containers and serving spoons.


We had to put away the stress balls because Matthew ate chunks out of the soft foam. All our foam letters have significant teeth marks too. He loves to knock over towers of blocks and is starting to be able to stack one object on top of another.


He's gotten much pickier about his food, but always likes his grapes, crackers and arrowroots. Other things depend on the day - when he doesn't want to eat it he'll shake his head no violently. When he's hungry he lets us know by smacking his lips. Things he likes get a "yum" noise.


He's into the pointing at things phase. Mommy thought it was the cutest thing ever, until he started waving bye bye and blowing kisses. The kisses in particular are adorable. It's a good thing because he does not sleep well. If Mommy puts him down for a nap, we are lucky to get 20 minutes around 2pm, unless she cheats and uses the car. Daddy has better luck and can sometimes get two naps around an hour. But too often Matthew doesn't nap at all and only sleeps well at night if he's in physical contact with Mom or Dad. Sigh. We are hoping this is a teething issue - he's got five and there are four more that have been "coming" for weeks.


The bath has stopped being a place of screaming. Matthew splashes instead. This is good because we bathe him many times a day. Let's just say that the elimination communication is not working as well this time round...


Matthew also likes to have stories read to him now, although he doesn't quite understand that it's hard to read if you are constantly flipping the pages and yanking on the book. But he has definite favourites, brings them over to read and points to his favourite parts. He particularly likes "Doggies" by Sandra Boynton.


Matthew is standing independently now. He goes up and down (and up and down) the stairs - it's one of his favourite activities. Daddy says he slides down at warp nine! His comfort zone without mom or dad is huge (especially after baby Elizabeth who never went further than a metre or so). Matthew is quite comfortable heading off into other rooms, often in a quest to locate his sister. Or dadadadada...

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January 18, 2014
Family time

Auntie Mary is heading back North, and we were lucky enough to have her stay with us for a whole day. We even made it out onto the canal!


Elizabeth was so excited to have Mary sleep over, though there were tears that she didn't stay for "enough sleepovers like when flat Grandma and Grandpa came to visit". Elizabeth says that when I get old, I have to go and live with Auntie Mary "up North" (so that Auntie Mary can look after me?) and Elizabeth will come and visit us. We're not sure what Daddy will be doing. But in the meantime, she's hoping Auntie Mary will have sleepovers for "lots of days".


Elizabeth was quite upset because she wanted Mary to come for her birthday party next month. She knows Mary lives "up North" and has gone to visit her at "that hippo place" in Wellesley many times. Therefore, she is firmly convinced that Wellesley must be North. "It's not THAT far, Mommy" she said. But there IS a rather big difference between Nunavut and Southern Ontario, after all! So long story short we agreed that Elizabeth could invite Mary to a "pre-birthday" with cake and balloons.



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