February 6, 2014
Skating with Angie

I finally had a chance to get back on the canal. I am certainly ready for our family to stay healthy for a long while! Angie and I didn't skate far due to time constraints (and in any case it was pretty cold with the wind.)


After our skate I headed to my eye appointment at the Riverside. There was a lot of hemming and hawing and double-checking but three medical students and two ophthalmologists later the bottom line is that my eyes are fine. A great relief!

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February 5, 2014
Eye see

I walked down the stairs this morning and my right eye started "shimmering". It looked like I'd put on a pair of goggles and submersed half of it under heavily chlorinated pool water. The water had a flow to it, and there was light bouncing off the ripples. It was very beautiful, but it didn't go away. After about fifteen minutes I decided I'd better call my ophthalmologist and verify if this is what he meant about "flashing" (a sign of bad things happening with your retinas).


He was closed for the day. So long story short I ended up spending my morning at emerg. I was not impressed by how long it took me to be triaged (43 minutes) - What if I were dying?!? I thought the point behind triage was that they are supposed to evaluate that quickly.


I'd been referred by Telehealth Ontario and at the end of the call they wanted to know which ER I was headed to. "We'll fax over our report", the nice nurse I spoke to said.


But the triage nurse at the Civic laughed when I told her about the alleged fax. "We get thousands of faxes every day", she said. "I don't have time to look for faxes. And anyway, I'm probably going to ask some different questions."


Really? First of all, basic triage questions should be fairly standard. If a patient comes in pre-triaged, that should save some time, no? If the hospital is just going to ignore faxes, maybe they shouldn't accept them in the first place. She was right though - the Civic triage was quite a bit less thorough than the Telehealth Ontario version.


I was supposedly "yellow listed" - "you'll have a shorter wait than some, dear" said triage nurse, and I did move into the next area quickly. But two and a half hours later I was still waiting.


While I was there, a 94 year old woman came in to have IV antibiotics. She'd been scheduled to have them to treat a skin condition, which we all heard about because her entire treatment took place in the hall. In the ER, while surrounded with a whole pile of people with flu, stomach flu and suspected broken limbs (Why don't we have a place to get basic stitches and xrays that isn't the ER, anyway??).


 Finally someone called my name. I was put into the eye exam room. A man showed up. "I'm supposed to test your visual acuity, but I don't know how to use the fancy equipment in this room", he said. "So let's go use the eye chart on the wall". By this point the shimmer had stopped. Eye chart had been printed out from the internet (there was a URL clearly visible on the top). Visual acuity test complete, an actual doctor showed up and checked my eye. She wanted to check the pressure too, but couldn't locate the instrument. Cue doctor and other staff looking all over the ER area for the missing equipment. After a while they decided it had been an ocular migraine and sent me home.


Doc decided to give me a referral to the eye clinic outpatient. "Don't be surprised if it takes a few months to fit you in", she said. Eye clinic called half an hour later with an appointment for the following day.


In the end, I did actually receive pretty amazing care. But the ER portion was not so good...

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February 4, 2014
Never too young

Auntie Janice is rather good at Dutch Blitz, so when Matthew decided that he'd rather party with Angie until 10:30pm instead of sleeping, we gave Janice the "baby handicap" in hopes that the rest of us would be able to keep up with her.

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February 3, 2014
Big Girl

The other day, Elizabeth got up by herself and fetched herself breakfast. Taking aside the minor miracle of getting up without needing Mom's assistance to detach her from her bed, we were perplexed as to how she had managed to get her bowl out of the cupboard. 


So, she demonstrated...

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February 2, 2014
Pukefest 2014 the Second

I prefer celebrating Winterlude, but Pukefest won. I didn't blog about our first bout of stomach flu this year mid-January, but in summary: Elizabeth threw up a lot, Matthew threw up for the first time ever. He did not appreciate the experience.


There was lots of laundry as Elizabeth has started throwing up in her sleep and Matthew does not yet know how to use the bucket. But we got through it pretty quickly and us parents both managed to avoid - making three "incidents" in a row with no parents catching germs from the kids. Too good to last! 


Sadly not even two weeks later and it was much worse. Between the two of them the kids threw up 32 times in twelve hours, and I was too sick to get out of bed. Poor poor Daddy! Elizabeth's old record of 22 still stands but barely. Matthew: 19, Elizabeth: 13, loads of laundry required? Too many! Thankful Daddy was able to keep up! Matthew has hit the dubious development achievement of wanting to push away the bucket in the hopes that it will stop the vomiting.

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