February 27, 2014
Barefoot BBQ Party

We're Canadian. Of course we barbeque in the snow. Only Grandpa is silly enough to do so barefoot though!

Thankfully Janice only partly melted my gloves...

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February 26, 2014
Grandpa is busy

We started a little project right before Matthew was born to help keep Grandpa H busy while they were home on furlough. But after Grandpa left, things .... stalled.

Poor Brendan missed Grandpa very much. Matthew doesn't like playpens and while he accepts the bathtub as playpen substitute, it doesn't last long enough as a containment device to allow me to be all that useful.

So we were thrilled when Grandpa came back to Canada to help again! After a long day, Matthew helped Grandpa relax in front of the fire. Matthew knows about fire only in the context of birthday candles, so when he saw the fire he immediately started huffing and puffing and trying to blow it out.

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February 25, 2014
Olympic Lunches

We took advantage of the Olympics to squeeze in a winter sports unit study. Every day we watched a different sport and I made related lunches for school. We took out a ton of books from the library to read too. I had hoped to focus more on the different countries but we ended up mainly looking at Canada and Russia (oh well).

It was the first time she saw real figure skating, and she thought they ought to have snowsuits and helmets for safety. Because "that's weelly dangerous, wight Mommy?". She did not "get" curling.

Elizabeth was mesmerized by slopestyle snowboarding. "Look Mom! They are flying!!!" "When I grow up, I'm going to do that!" (EEK!!!!)

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February 24, 2014
Hello Kitty finds a friend

Elizabeth wrote and illustrated another book. "Will you put it on MY blog?" she asked.

She needs to work on her plot development, but given that she refused all offers of help (including spelling), I was quite impressed by the result.

We were fascinated by some of the phonetics - she has a tendency to leave out letters "fed" instead of "friend". "ekuz" is exactly how she says it...

"Walking in the house Hello Kitty found a friend.

The friend played in the sandbox.

Hello Kitty loved the book to read.

Mama laughed you Hello Kitty visitor.

I love you Mom because I have a friend.

Dad I love you because I have a visitor.

The end. Hello Kitty."

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February 23, 2014
National Aviation Day

Matthew likes to go for walks. Elizabeth has started taking him places. It is terrifying...

We celebrated National Aviation Day with airplane sandwiches for lunch. Then we all got together for the last dinner at Dave and Karen's that we'll have for a while as a family. Elizabeth isn't fond of taking baths, unless she can use Xander's tub. Maybe we need bath crayons too...

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