March 6, 2014
First steps

Matthew's started to walk! He uses Elizabeth's pink stroller as a walking aid. He pushes it tentatively in front of him but when he wants to go another direction, he simply picks it up and turns around with it in the air. So he *could* be walking all by himself any day now...

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March 5, 2014
Grandma H

We pulled Elizabeth out of school for Ash Wednesday. Grandma H was coming to visit so we all went to the Children's museum to play.  Auntie Janice got there first and was able to spend a few minutes watching and participating in a dance / puppet show.


The babies mostly looked a little overwhelmed, but Elizabeth and Xander had a great time. Xander especially enjoyed pretending he was doing "construction". Then we went to the snow and ice exhibit which was quite amazing - especially the heated sleigh that was used for transporting a family to their school TWO hours away! That's quite the commute!!! 


After we spent some time prettying up Elizabeth's snow fort with coloured ice blocks.

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March 1, 2014
Wishing Chair party

Once upon a time a group of children were invited to a magical birthday party. But just before they arrived a goblin stole the birthday cake!
\u201cOh no!\u201d, said Elizabeth. \u201cWhat shall we do? That goblin lives in the land of goodies with his friend Mr Teddy. I love visiting the land of goodies, but it\u2019s a long way from Ottawa...\u201d
\u201cMaybe your wishing chair will take us there\u201d, said Adrienne.
\u201cWhat is a wishing chair?\u201d asked the three Madeleines
\u201cI know!\u201d said Karis. \u201cIt\u2019s a magical wooden chair\u201d.
\u201cYes\u201d said Shaughnessy  \u201cand it has a wing growing out of each leg\u201d
\u201cWhen it flies, it makes a flapping noise\u201d, added Harry.
\u201cThat would be a great idea\u201d, said Elizabeth, \u201cexcept my wishing chair has lost its wings!\u201d


Luckily, the children were able to decorate magic wings to help the wishing chair fly, through the copious use of stickers and "pin the wings on the wishing chair"


 \u201cTake me to the land of goodies\u201d
\u201cThe chair rose into the air and flew out of the door with such a rush that the children were nearly thrown out of their seats.
\u201cSteady, chair, steady\u201d said Elizabeth \u201cThere\u2019s not such a dreadful hurry, you know.\u201d
The chair flew so high in the air that the children were above the clouds, and could see nothing below them but the rolling white mist, like a great dazzling snowfield.
\u201cWhere are we now?\u201d asked Madeleine, peering down. \u201cAre we getting near to the land of Goodies?\u201d
\u201cWe must be\u201d said Harry \u201cBut we shan\u2019t know until the chair dives down through the clouds again. Ah! Here we go!\u201d
Down went the chair through the cold white clouds. The children looked to see if the land of Goodies was below.


There was some trouble locating the land of Goodies. Wizard Too Tall was duly consulted and helped point the way. After a long journey...

\u201cYes, we\u2019re there.\u201d Said Adrienne. \u201cNow just remember this all of you \u2013 you can eat whatever is growing on bushes, hedges, or trees, but you mustn\u2019t eat anybody\u2019s house!\u201d
\u201cEverything is eatable in the land of Goodies\u201d, said Shaughnessy
The wishing chair landed on the ground. The children jumped off quickly, anxious to see this wonderful land. They looked around. Aidan\u2019s eyes grew wide. \u201cLook \u2013 look! There\u2019s a lollipop tree!\u201d
\u201cAnd there\u2019s a hedge growing chocolate!\u201d cried Kaitlin...


There were little yogurt drinks, baby bel cheese and a birthday cake too.


After the land of Goodies, the children were all invited to the fairy ball. There was a lot of very cute dancing.


(With apologies to Enid Blyton - but we DID have a lot of fun...) Elizabeth's friends gave her many fairy themed stickers, crafts and dolls. Including a rather terrifying battery-powered doll that can fly. Seriously!

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February 28, 2014

Elizabeth is five! Five is outgoing and friendly - she's always been a chatterbox around Mom and Dad, but her true personality is now apparent in public. Sometimes this is a problem - she's suddenly turned into that kid randomly accosting strangers on the street, advertising her name, age, address, and school while demanding to know what the stranger is doing or telling them off for doing something dangerous.

Hopefully five will be healthier than four - starting school has been hard on her immune system. She loves school though, especially because she gets to take the school bus. She seems to be quite the social butterfly, always talking about playing with different kids and bringing home stickers, "jewels" and pictures drawn for her as tokens of friendship. She seems to think of most kids as potential friends, even the ones that she "gets enough of at school" but who are "still pretty nice". She has one particularly close friend in her class and they spend a lot of time giggling and making plans together. It doesn't always occur to them that these plans need parental help - it's probably just as well they don't live within walking distance of each other!

Even without encouragement from other kids, she's turned into quite the scavenger - I'm sure she could make several bracelets out of the beads she's found in the playground. More problematic is how to tactfully dispose of most of it before we get buried in junk.

Super creative, she is currently into making "books" - which combine two of her favourite activities - drawing and writing. She does not like people correcting her spelling.

She uses many big words, but still mixes up "her" and "she". Still somewhat impatient. Still a bit too quick to give up on things that don't come as easily as she expects they ought. Still apt to whine, especially when tired.  She likes things to go according to her expectations and gets very frustrated very quickly if she is mistaken about something. "You aren't telling the truth" is a phrase she uses often. Mom and Dad do not find this amusing.

She still loves to get out and do things, but really needs her sleep.  She has really developed physically (biking, skating, running, jumping, twirling, etc...) and creatively this year.  She begs to play outside even if only for a few minutes irrespective of the weather.  She plays very nicely by herself, with her friends, cousins and even her brother.  She always wants to know what is happening and be a part of everything.  She eats most things although some more enthusiastically than others.  She is cautious, but willing to try new things.  Sometimes even without prompting.  She has transitioned well to her own room and appears to have even stopped falling out of bed.

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February 27, 2014
Barefoot BBQ Party

We're Canadian. Of course we barbeque in the snow. Only Grandpa is silly enough to do so barefoot though!

Thankfully Janice only partly melted my gloves...

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