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October 25, 2014
Elizabeth, Matthew and Adi went to Cosmic Adventures today. We hardly saw the girls - they were too busy having fun.

October 22, 2014
Matthew loves to hold Elizabeth's umbrella on the way home from the bus stop. Today he figured out how to hold it up all by himself while walking at the same time. This is trickier than one might imagine!

October 20, 2014

As we approach Halloween, Elizabeth has started to wear a lot of costumes. She's quite adamant that she's going to be Elsa (like Adi and I presume nearly every other little girl her age given the difficulty in locating Elsa hair...), but I think she wants to try on all her other costumes just to make sure she's not missing anything.

So - that's how she ended up wearing a costume to the park. To the store. And to garden in.

Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen gifted us with two different monkey costumes for Matthew. (Do you think they are implying anything??) He wouldn't wear one of them because it had to be pulled over his head.

Elizabeth tried to convince him it was okay by putting it on herself.  Mommy was amazed that a 2 year old costume fit an almost 6 year old.


October 18, 2014

Grandpa B April 16th 1920 - October 12th 2014

Favourite memories:

-Helping shovel dirt onto the conveyer belt he built himself to empty out the crawl space in the basement

-Getting a ride behind the tractor to go get milk

-The awesome way he laughed

-All the cool wooden things he made (puzzles, clocks, rolling pins, bowls, birds...)

-Grandpa playing volleyball and floating down the river in an inner tube even though he was eighty

-Clocks! Grandpa loved clocks - he must have had hundreds of them in various states of repair

-Driving the lawn mower (and later the golf cart!)

-That time we went to Niagara Falls and Grandpa bought Elizabeth TWO play cameras because he couldn't decide which colour she'd like the best.

-Grandpa giving Elizabeth a wheelchair ride on his lap

-Grandpa stealing toddler Elizabeth's stroller and taking off in his wheelchair so that she would chase him

I always think of Grandpa whenever I smell gasoline, even though he hadn't worked as a mechanic in many years.

We went down for the funeral and it was really great to see all the family.


October 13, 2014

Our tenant Mahnaz sadly had to return to Iran unexpectedly yesterday, but before she left she wanted to give Matthew his very first haircut. (The actual date of the haircut was the 11th, but I thought it deserved its own post rather than being lumped together with apple picking!)

She cuts hair as a hobby and is certainly much better at it than anyone else in our house! It was a bit of a wrench to lose his curls but he WAS getting a bit shaggy... We could tell the hair in his eyes was bothering him quite a bit too. He was pretty proud to be getting a haircut just like everyone else does!


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