October 28, 2014
Pumpkin carving
Elizabeth got to carve her own pumpkin this year. She's still not a fan of pumpkin guts, but at least she helped remove them this year! Matthew? Not so much... But he did enjoy drawing and especially popping things into the pumpkin after it was carved.
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October 27, 2014
Voting day is always an opportunity to reinforce the concept of civic duty with our children...
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October 26, 2014
Party day

It was a party day today. Church in the morning and then I took the kids to the Halloween party at the Glebe Community Center just before we headed to Chris and Yukiko's for Grandma J's birthday party.

Elizabeth described the Halloween party: "We had to sword sword sword and I DID IT! Matthew kind of did it. I was better at most of the activities but they gave Matthew his candy anyway. We made a cookie. Afterwards we got to go in the bouncy castle. Matthew didn't want to and he was too little. I got to go in and bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce." There was a "haunted house" that we wandered through (but opted for the tame little kids version which mostly consisted of bubbles and inflated animals). The kids enjoyed themselves greatly.

Grandma's birthday party was pretty exciting too - Grandma! Cousins! Cake! Candles! On the way home, Elizabeth demanded to know who had the next birthday and wondered how many days she had to wait for the party. "I AM invited, right Momma?"

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October 25, 2014
Cosmic adventures
Elizabeth, Matthew and Adi went to Cosmic Adventures today. We hardly saw the girls - they were too busy having fun.
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October 22, 2014
Mastering the umbrella
Matthew loves to hold Elizabeth's umbrella on the way home from the bus stop. Today he figured out how to hold it up all by himself while walking at the same time. This is trickier than one might imagine!
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