January 22, 2015
First time skating on the canal

If I had to sum up the last few months with a single word, November would be "Exhausted", December would be "Sick" and January would be "Skating".

I'm not planning to post about every single time we go on the canal, but today's expedition was notable because Matthew got to put his skates on too! I was intending to skate a little around Patterson Creek and then stuff him into the stroller so as not to cramp Elizabeth's style but she took off and he insisted on skating after her. By the time Daddy chased her down (setting some ground rules about staying closer to us) Matthew and I'd made it nearly as far as Pretoria Bridge.

Matthew's standing more on his own and is able to shuffle forward without too much support now. He's not exactly stable enough to just go though so as soon as the stroller reappeared I (my back!) was quite ready for him to stop skating. He was very unimpressed by this and cried and cried until after I promised to let him skate again a bit later and distracted him with people walking over our heads (on the bridge). Then he just kept hollering "More skate, more skate". We did let him skate a little bit more, but it was sadly not quite enough to prevent an epic temper tantrum upon leaving the ice.

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January 21, 2015
20 week Ultrasound

Introducing Miss Amelia Anne...

Expected no later than June 3rd at 10 am.

I've ended up staying full time with Dr Gravelle (the OB). I'm remembering why I liked her so much before - she's totally onboard with as short a hospital stay as I'm comfortable with, though she'd like me to stay until after the 24 hour baby tests (which is fine and I'd planned on anyway). She does feel very strongly that I shouldn't ever go into labour though, mostly due to my peculiar anatomy in addition to the two previous sections. Since she has had ample opportunity to examine said peculiar anatomy, since she's been more than reasonable about everything I've thrown at her, since she is quite willing to explain where she's coming from AND actually listens to me I decided that she had a point. So planned C-section it is. Sigh.

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January 18, 2015
Happy Birthday Janice!

It took several attempts but we did finally manage to celebrate Auntie Janice's birthday. She ordered everyone Swiss Chalet and I made a chocolate sunflower torte. Matthew wanted three pieces...

After lunch we took pictures for our annual calendar, played a round of Taboo and frolicked in the snow for a bit. It was Isabelle's first time actually playing in the snow and she seemed to enjoy it greatly. Auntie Janice had some sparklers shaped like numbers to try out. She decided they were fun but much prefers the traditional "straight" ones. I have a feeling she also prefers to play with them in the dark, in front of the time-lapse camera ;)

After sparklers we headed to the canal (where else?) for a quick skate. Maria is still learning but Elizabeth and Erika are pretty evenly matched this year. They took off like a shot and we had to split into two groups to keep up. We skated from Patterson to Bank Street bridge and back to Pretoria and around and around in Patterson creek. We probably would have gone farther, except that it was starting to get pretty dark by then so we dragged the girls off the ice and headed for home.

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January 17, 2015
Beautiful day

Canadian winters might be cold, but they sure are gorgeous.

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January 16, 2015
2nd haircut

A couple of months ago Daddy bought a hair trimming kit that he figured I ought to be able to get the hang of and I've been practicing on his head (eep!) So far the results have not required a visit to a professional to get it dealt with, although it does cut the bangs a little shorter than his "normal" cut and there have been some very stressful moments to do with cutting around the ears.

Matthew's hair was getting rather shaggy so the boys convinced me to have a shot at his hair as well. "Try to leave the bangs", suggested helpful husband. (Let's just say that the kit isn't designed for the kind of cut he had in mind).  "Hmm", he suggested next "That looks like he has a rat on his head now. Can you try a little trim?" Of course Matthew wiggled at a crucial moment while I was attempting to tame the rat.

Matthew LOVES the result and tells everyone who will listen that he had a haircut just like Daddy (and Mommy cut his hair). I am less happy with it but I guess hair grows back and practice makes perfect!

Removing two inches of hair makes Matthew look much, much older.

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