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April 27, 2015

Monster Ice cream: It's the new favourite dessert around here, even though the kids aren't nearly as fond of ice cream as Mommy. I think they like the idea of it better than the actual dessert, but I'm not complaining.

In fact, once Matthew picked out the chocolate chunks he demanded more strawberries and left the ice cream behind. Elizabeth ate her ice cream but she "needed" extra strawberries too.

But I like it because a) ice cream and b) it's pretty easy to put a tongue and eyes on a small scoop of ice cream.


April 26, 2015

Matthew is currently very two, but at least he's cute enough for his parents to be able to forget about the temper tantrums (mostly).

He has definite ideas about what he wants to do, and gets very frustrated if thwarted. Elizabeth is an expert at annoying him and then acts shocked when he wallops her over the head with the closest hard object or deliberately dismantles her Lego. He often will wallop, say sorry and wallop again. Needless to say this is not considered acceptable. And yet the kids actually do play very nicely together most of the time, especially if we don't keep them cooped up in the house too long. Elizabeth needed daily outings at this age and Matthew does too.

When he gets tired he's taken to asking to go for a car ride ("Vroom, Vroom! Sweepy. Mah Mah. Nap.") We still discourage naps because they just make bedtime super late.

Daddy has been working very hard on the potty training and Matthew's made enormous progress. The other day we were a little concerned to hear the toilet flush - turned out Matthew had gone to the bathroom on his own, taken off his pants and diaper, climbed onto the toilet all by himself, done his business, wiped and flushed. So there may actually be hope. It would be really nice not to have multiple children in diapers at once... Matthew had until recently flatly refused to poop on the toilet ("scary!"), but even that hurdle has suddenly disappeared. This is exciting aside from minor detail that he's not quiiite capable of wiping all by himself, no matter how many times he insists he's "tall" enough to do so. Baby steps though, right?

Matthew is very excited about the new strollers that have showed up, telling me several times a day "Meely. Strolly. Tummy. Mah Mah too." Translated: the stroller is for Amelia, in Mommy's tummy. But Matthew can borrow it. He's just starting to use sentences, but still relies mainly on single words which he tends to repeat several times for emphasis. But he doesn't have much trouble making himself understood!

If he sees a dog, the conversation usually goes something like this: "Doggie. Bite Bite. Noooo. Nice. Nice. Pat. Pat. Me." which translates to "I see a nice dog. He doesn't bite. I want to pet him."

He's a pretty affectionate little boy and loves to give hugs and kisses.

He's pretty adorable, if we do say so ourselves.


April 25, 2015

"Not quite double digits"

"Erika is Elizabeth's age upside-down..."

"Erika is OLD"

No end to the jokes but the bottom line is that Erika has somehow gotten big.

Since she is moving to Japan in only a few months, this may be the last birthday we will celebrate together before she's a teenager (eep!)

We thought long and hard about what kind of present to get a bookworm who is moving away and can't take much with her before deciding that she was responsible enough for a Kobo. We did not get the one with a backlight - although my memory of my nine-year-old self thought that might reduce the desire to set one's covers on fire when reading in bed we figured perhaps best not to encourage reading in bed at all...

We found the idea of potentially being able to gift virtual books in the future attractive too, and there is the hope that she'll be able to take (English) books out of the library here even when she's in Japan. She seemed to like it so hopefully it works out!


April 23, 2015

So I checked with our dentist about Elizabeth's "shark tooth" and the long and the short of it was that we booked an extraction for this morning.

I had been trying to wiggle the tooth out with some vim but Elizabeth found it painful and it was not budging so I was fairly resigned. Plus I'd learned that the baby roots wouldn't dissolve any more once the permanent tooth isn't underneath. Brendan and I went to the appointment "en famille" because we suspected we both might be needed in order to deal with the freezing needles (Elizabeth is not a fan of needles in general). We left Matthew at home, figuring an extraction might not be the best first introduction to dental care.

Predictably, Elizabeth was fine with the idea of getting out the tooth right until dentist started talking about needles. I'd talked to them in advance, but he is very keen on teaching and I guess he couldn't help himself in his desire to explain the entire process. As Elizabeth put it: "First he put strawberry (numbing gel) on my tongue and made sure I liked the taste. Then he gave my teeth a needle. It was like a real one but tiny and pokier." She hasn't mentioned the part where Mom had to hold her down and help pry open her mouth. She did NOT like the sensation of the freezing going in, strangely. But at least she took the admonition not to wiggle seriously.

Once the freezing was in (two needles worth), Dr Jack gave her a mirror so she could watch. I'm a wimp when it comes to my kids and blood but Elizabeth seemed to like the idea of watching. There was a lot of blood, but at least it came out easily. There was a substantial root on the one side so that explains why it was not coming out on its own. She sobbed through most of the rest of the appointment, but managed to stop crying long enough to pick a bouncy ball from the treasure box.

The good news is that despite the dire predictions of Dr Google, the dentist says that it doesn't follow that her other teeth will all be shark teeth in his experience. This is good since $130 per tooth not including tooth fairy fees will add up fast. Not to mention that I found the whole thing fairly traumatic and it wasn't even my mouth.

Elizabeth was VERY subdued afterwards but as the freezing wore off the excitement and pride of being toothless started to overtake her dismay at the way it happened. Tooth was duly placed in tooth bag with great care. Tooth fairy left glitter dust on the dresser and a very shiny loonie in lieu of tooth, tooth being duly shined in the time-honoured fashion learned from my own parents (toothpaste!).

Now she's going around proudly showing her gap to anyone who will look.


April 21, 2015

It was cloudy but the sun had just come out. We were thinking of going outside when all of a sudden it began to POUR hail. It was like a thunderburst of hail. Ten minutes later the sun came out again and the hail all melted. Apparently it was super localized because a friend eight blocks away claimed they didn't get any at all.

Spring in Ottawa...


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