May 17, 2015
Maria is 6, Tante Elfi and Sheep Shearing

Brendan's paternal aunt is visiting from Austria - it's the first time Brendan remembers meeting her as the last time he met her he was Matthew's age! Elizabeth was fascinated to hear that she had another great Aunt that she hadn't met yet and really, really wants to go visit her house now. Maybe in a few years when the kids are a bit older...

It was the sheep shearing festival at the Agriculture Museum, so we invited her and Grandma to come check it out with us. It was a real scorcher of a day but lots of fun and it was the first time Brendan got to experience it first hand. My favourite part as always was the dog trials - especially the Frisbee tricks. It always makes me wish I had a dog, at least for a few minutes...

After the sheep shearing we headed to Sunnyside for Maria's 6th birthday party with the family. I made Maria a cake in the shape of a bear which was a great hit (Maria LOOOVES bears) until she realized that we had to cut it up in order to eat it. Oops!

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May 16, 2015

We are lucky enough to live close enough to the tulip festival that we can see the weekend fireworks without leaving the house! Granted, we have to watch from the bathroom but we do have quite a nice view...

This was handy the first night when they started fifteen minutes earlier than anticipated, not to mention the nights when it looked very much like rain. We had planned to take the kids one of the four nights but they just couldn't handle staying awake that late on the days in question so we put them to bed. I tried waking Elizabeth up one night and she "watched" with us. I say "watched" because she was soooo sleepy that she kept closing her eyes and after only a few minutes agreed that she'd seen enough and was happy to crawl back into bed. In the morning she remembered seeing the fireworks, but didn't have any idea where she watched them from!

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May 15, 2015
Glebe Wetlands

When we headed out to the bus stop this morning, Elizabeth and Matthew were very excited to discover ducks on our neighbours' lawn.

We've had ducks hanging out on our lawn before - a few years ago they stayed for several weeks (I gather they spent a fair amount of time in another neighbours' swimming pool!) but this time they were gone by the time we came back from the bus.

I'm always amazed by the variety of wildlife we have despite our extreme urban setting. There's a woodpecker nesting by Elizabeth's bus stop, chickadees nesting across the street, cardinals and blue jays in our backyard. Then there are dozens of squirrels, bats and who knows what else that call our large maple "home". Chipmunks in the rock pile, raccoons two doors down and yesterday an extremely large skunk ambled across our yard in broad daylight. Luckily the skunk appears to have moved on - we'd rather keep the ducks...

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May 14, 2015
When she grows up

Elizabeth told me recently that she's decided what she's going to be when she grows up.

1) Police Officer

2) Train Driver

3) Pilot

4) Bus Driver

5) Mommy

6) Teacher

Of course I wanted her to elaborate. She thought the idea of picking just one career was "boring". "Can't I do more than one thing in my whole life Mommy? After all, I've done lots of stuff already and I'm only six."

First, she wants to be a police officer because she likes their cars and they can go fast on the highway even in traffic if they have their lights flashing. She wants to be a train driver next because she saw a Curious George episode about them and "it was cool how they get to pull levers."

After that she wants to be a pilot because they get to go high in the sky. She's going to drive a convertible jet and write messages in the sky. I objected saying they don't make convertible airplanes and she pointed out that she's already flown in one (a biplane).

Bus drivers get to drive a lot of people at once and they have cool seats. Besides, cars are all going to drive themselves and she wants a chance to try driving.

Then she wants to look after children. She's planning to have three, probably girls unless she also has a husband in which case he might want a boy. If she ends up with a husband she will have a girl, then a boy and then a girl. She'll space them exactly two years apart and definitely won't have more than one at a time because that would be too much work. Yes, she might be slightly hazy on how this works...

She'll become a teacher last because it is something you can still do once you have children. Besides, then you get to look after lots of children at once. And teachers get stuff kids don't, like extra blu-tak, unlimited playdough and chalk, and cool keys. "Plus everyone likes teachers."

I think I was most amused by the fact that this discussion took place mostly in French. Especially the discussion about teachers.

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May 13, 2015
Happy Birthday Rachel

It was recently godmother Rachel's birthday so Elizabeth decided that we just HAD to have her over for dinner and CAKE! We are always up for cake - not to mention a visit from Rachel, so were happy to oblige...

Watch out Rachel - Elizabeth is angling for a sleepover next ;)

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