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November 20, 2015
Amelia likes to eat, funny faces notwithstanding. She still has a great deal of tongue thrust going on so we mainly just give her a taste to amuse her siblings. Elizabeth is quite keen to "help" and even Matthew has been caught filling her bottle with milk from the fridge. We're working on appropriate foods for baby and the concept that she may only eat if Mommy and Daddy say it's okay...

November 19, 2015
Amelia is officially mobile; she's doing the scooting backwards thing. The kids think it's absolutely hilarious.

November 16, 2015

Elizabeth's grade one teacher "Mme Marie-Claude" is fantastic, which is a huge relief after last year's debacle. Elizabeth loves her, which is great. Mme Marie-Claude is organized, she appears to be an excellent teacher and she communicates (seriously she sent home more information about what our kid was up to in the first two weeks than the teachers did all last year).

Elizabeth's also made lots of friends within her class, though Adi is still the "Best" friend. In her class we hear a lot about an Olivia as well, but there are no demands to buy her matching socks or arrange play dates.

Elizabeth still has no trouble doing her homework, possibly because she enjoys writing. The main challenge is getting her to narrate different stories - left to her own devices she is likely to write a huge list of all the things and people she loves, and all the activities she loves doing. Luckily she's under the impression that she isn't supposed to write about the same thing more than once so at least the topics are fairly varied.

She's extremely proud of her reading ability, which has vastly improved in both english and french. She is a better reader in french, in part because she doesn't guess as much. She's become very interested in math and loves to write numbers all over. I expected her to take most of the school year to complete the curriculum we are working through at home but she's nearly completed it - sometimes the challenge is to get her to stop doing math problems and move onto something less "fun". That's a good problem to have!

We're suspicious that she doesn't talk as much in class as at home. She says that if she doesn't know how to explain something then she doesn't want to talk. But at home if she gets really mad and upset she forgets her english and tells us off in french (which is actually kind of hilarious).

In music they are learning to play the recorder and some basic solfège. I think they are mainly singing the notes so I don't think she's connected do-re-mi with the notes she's already learned for piano, but it's hard to tell because she won't play the recorder for us at home. She does sing lots of songs, including one that she swears is in another language other than French (it's not).

This year they get to go to the library and take out books to bring home. Elizabeth always chooses something animal related, preferably with elephants in it. She's a HUGE elephant fan.

I find it interesting that her printing is so much less neat than her cursive writing. When she wants to, she has very good handwriting, but frequently she is in too much of a hurry! She's also a compulsive doodler. Hmm - perhaps she's my daughter after all ;)


November 15, 2015
In addition to the Messiah, I'm also singing in the Carols and Lessons service at our church. We've been bringing lunch. Then Brendan takes a protesting Matthew home for a nap (did I mention Matthew has started napping again? At least more often than not, and for Daddy only...) while the girls stay for choir.

Elizabeth and her friend Karis have been "looking after" Amelia while I sing. One Sunday Elizabeth showed Karis how to change a diaper!


November 14, 2015
I like to bring my children to choir practices in order to expose them to singing in parts (something that we don't do much anymore otherwise!)

Elizabeth was quite keen to come to the Messiah - but I didn't really want to inflict all three children on the choir at once. My experience last year was that half a rehearsal was about as long as was easy to keep the older two engaged or at least not actively interrupting in any case. Elizabeth also has skating Saturday mornings and would miss the first part of the rehearsal. Since I wanted to actually rehearse rather than keep my kids from being disruptions, we decided that only Amelia would come to the first rehearsal.

Daddy took the other two kids skating along with emergency snacks and iPad to keep Matthew entertained. Afterwards they all went on an adventure to the Aviation museum.


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