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November 30, 2015

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that we moved Matthew into Elizabeth's room when we got back from the cottage, but the two kids have been sleeping downstairs in the bunk bed - Elizabeth on top, Matthew on the bottom. Mostly it has worked out. Elizabeth's been less possessive about "her" space and "her" things (because she's had to share it!) and Matthew's been less of a nuisance with said things (I think because it's not a forbidden room anymore).

There have definitely been some downsides, with Matthew sometimes waking up yelling in the middle of the night and in turn waking his sister, who responds by yelling back "Matthew is keeping me awaaaake!! STOP YELLING!!" This helps about as much as you might expect.

Tonight they decided they would have a sleepover in Matthew's bunk. It was adorable. Of course Matthew and Elizabeth both kick like crazy in their sleep so it didn't last all night but Elizabeth didn't have far to go!


November 29, 2015

It's the first Sunday in Advent, so we started preparing for Christmas by decorating!

The kids also got to watch the Grinch. They approved. Quite a number of the decorations are in unusual clusters as Matthew decided this was much more "booootiful". I contemplated putting up our more fragile decorations from Brendan's grandma since Amelia isn't mobile enough to tip the tree this year and the older two should be old enough to behave. But then I reconsidered when Matthew proudly demonstrated how he can reach nearly the top of the tree (much precarious balancing and wobbling leaning involved). He was hoping I'd let him put some of the glass ornaments up high. Not a chance kid! There were stern lectures about NOT touching Mommy and Daddy's special decorations but if our tree survives this year without getting tipped we'll have to have a celebration.

Also of note: we corrupted Lorianne as we insisted she learn how to correctly place tinsel on a tree (apparently tinsel was banned in her house growing up)! We may have sent some tinsel in a card to her parents...


November 24, 2015

It snowed! There were shrieks of delight and everyone got ready in record time in order to go and play outside before the bus.

It was pretty warm (-5C) so even Amelia got to come for her first sled ride! She seemed to enjoy it. The snow was gone by evening but it even got cold enough for our first fire of the season too. We roasted marshmallows which was great until Matthew realized this made his "gooey". He apparently does not like gooey marshmallows. Luckily Elizabeth (who had kindly made him a "perfect" marshmallow) wasn't too offended by his rejection of her offering, because it meant she got to eat an extra one!


November 22, 2015

I was working on getting Christmas cards together when I realized that we had somehow neglected to get any pictures of our whole family.

This has now been rectified.


November 21, 2015

It was Elizabeth and Matthew's turn to come to Come Sing Messiah. We decided that Matthew would come for the first section and we'd trade children at the break.

So Daddy and Elizabeth went to skating and the rest of us headed to sing. Since Auntie Janice's car is not really big enough to carry Amelia, Matthew and an adult in the back seat, and since I was looking for an excuse for an adventure (let's be honest here...) Matthew and I decided we'd take the bus on the way there!

Lorianne and Janice brought Amelia. She rather obligingly slept all the way there. Two buses later we actually arrived at the same time as the girls did!

Matthew was pretty well behaved but I was glad we had decided not to try for the whole rehearsal. I took Matthew out to Daddy and picked up Elizabeth at the break and that worked really well. Elizabeth was (slightly) more into the actual singing, trying to follow along to certain songs. I SWEAR we took pictures of her being adorable but I cannot locate them so you'll have to take my word for it.


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