December 8, 2015
Amelia is 6 months
Six months is crawling (well slithering) all over the place. Amelia pulls with her arms and pushes with her feet. Her tummy stays on the floor, although she can get onto all fours she mostly rocks back and forth. She's quite pleased with being able to move significant distances by herself She is showing an interest in the potted plant in the hall - it is trembling... Super happy most of the time. She's very observant, spends a lot of time playing with toys. Likes to bang them, drop them and eat them. Finally happy to be carried like a football. She's making new sounds and signing (change and milk). Not spitting up nearly as much, but she's slimier than ever as she is now drooling copious quantities of saliva. I guess we are teething! She's tried quite a few small bites of different solids, mostly egged on by siblings. Still has quite a lot of tongue thrust so not really ready to eat a great deal. Elizabeth loves to give Amelia her vitamins. They both call her "my baby" and love to cuddle her, although Matthew has discovered that mobile Amelia is hard to colour around!
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December 7, 2015

Elizabeth stayed home exhausted from throwing up into the wee hours of the night (and I totally owe Auntie Janice a shout out here - she dealt with all the early morning episodes singlehandedly)

Matthew was pretty happy to hang out, eat all his St Nicholas loot and watch Curious George with Elizabeth. "If you eat all of it at once, you'll get a tummy ache", she advised him. But Matthew didn't listen and we unwisely didn't intervene. We regretted this bitterly at about 2am when he woke up in great (constipated) pain. No one got much sleep for a bit.

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December 6, 2015
St Nicholas Day

Matthew came up at 7am St Nicholas day and since we'd been up so late the night before I made him wait three quarters of an hour before waking the rest of the house. When I went into wake Elizabeth, I was surprised to find her topless. "I'm not feeling well", she sobbed, before throwing up all over her bed.

Turns out she had thrown up in the wee hours of the night as well, but because I'd told the kids St Nicholas would only come if they were quiet, she didn't want to call for help in case she scared him off. ("But Elizabeth", I said, "Is St Nicholas a true story or a pretend story?" "It's pretend", she said "But we make it true") So anyway, I felt like a horrible mother when I realized my kid had cleaned up the best she could, flipped her pillow over and gone back to sleep in her own vomit in order to avoid waking anyone else up.

She did perk up enough to open presents, and was quite excited to find a perplexus maze ball. Matthew received a build-your-own train/airplane/car constructable, which is very cool aside from making the most obnoxious "sensory noise" imaginable. We actually thought it might be defective, until we read the reviews online and discovered many other parents were also surprised to find it makes this noise on purpose. Apparently it can be disabled. I'm hoping this happens soon. Amelia seemed to approve of St Nicholas, although no one actually let her eat any chocolate. Or tinfoil. Or tape. Matthew and Elizabeth aren't going to eat their marzipan creatures. "It's too cute."

Lorianne approves of Ottawa-style St Nick.

Elizabeth was fine for a while but then after a badly needed afternoon nap she started throwing up again. And again. And again. We moved her to a mattress on the floor instead of the top bunk after an unfortunate incident involving no bucket, a desire NOT to throw up on her new sheets, leaning way off the top bunk and gravity. SO GROSS. I was SO happy to have two washing machines. The floor is never going to be the same though; took the finish right off.

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December 5, 2015
Pudding and singing

In the morning, Elizabeth had skating. In the afternoon she went to the Nutcracker with Grandma. Apparently there were polar bears and it was awesome!

I made the Christmas pudding using pumpkin flour and zucchini (hope it turns out...). It's a wee bit after Stir Up Sunday but first chance I've had this year. Everyone duly stirred, even Amelia!

I made some extra carrot cake to take over to our new next door neighbours and Auntie Janice made some cookies. Janice, Matthew, Elizabeth and I knocked on the door intending to drop stuff off but we were surprised when an older Asian man came to the door instead of the British-accented, Indian-food cooking man and his imminently pregnant wife that had been described to me by others. It soon became clear that he not only didn't speak any English, but he also couldn't open the front door.

Many incomprehensible gestures were made through the door. So awkward. Finally he located a key, opened the door and stood there expectantly. I was already a bit embarrassed and ready to bail but Janice kept her head and whipped out the Google translation app. "Korean?" she asked, showing him a translated welcome to the neighbourhood message on her phone. He shook his head, but eventually she figured it out (Chinese!) Technology for the win!

Time to dash off for choir rehearsal at church with Amelia while I practiced my latin chanting and not lighting my hair on fire. Margaret, Janice, Brendan and the kids all followed later. I enjoyed the service very much, though I gather Matthew was not terribly well behaved... Amelia decided she needed Mommy towards the end of the service so I ended up processing out with nursing child.

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December 4, 2015
Come sing Messiah!

By virtue of being born in June and not February, Amelia got to be the first child to come with me to the Come Sing Messiah performance. I'd been asked by quite a few long time singers if she was coming during the rehearsals (and encouraged to do so!) and I was dreading leaving her at home to cry all night. When Matthew was brand new albeit a few months older, I didn't even stay for the full performance. So she came with and I was very glad.

Since she isn't mobile, I just put her down on the floor to play during the rehearsal. A water bottle is the best toy ever! She passed out at the start of the actual performance and slept peacefully until the very end. A model baby...

We were also very pleased that Auntie Mary was able to join Lorianne, Auntie Janice and I (with friend Janice off in the sopranos somewhere...) this year!

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