September 25, 2016
Wedding Shower #RayCray2016

Aunt Janice and I went to Rachel's wedding shower - a British tea party theme. Rachel's cousin is an extraordinary gluten free baker, which was a real treat for me.


We played a few games - Rachel's knowledge of Disney and romantic films is an order of magnitude greater than mine, I discovered. There was much chatting and laughing and drinking of tea and eating of cookies.

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September 24, 2016
Xander is five

Xander's fifth birthday party had a superhero theme, complete with costumes made by Auntie Karen!


Much fun was had by all.

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September 23, 2016
Carp Fair

We went to the fair instead of going to school today!


It was Xander's fifth birthday, so his family, our family, Auntie Janice and Grandma and Grandpa Henderson all drove to Carp to check out their rides. So our whole family except Brendan, who had to work.


We saw horses (and buried some of them in our long-running car game). Uncle Dave had an amusing exchange with his kids "Are those really ponies? They don't have spikes on their heads" "Oh you are thinking of unicorns" "oooohhhhh"


There were many tractors of all vintages, which we admired in place and on (stinky) parade.


Auntie Janice thought the coolest thing was the steam powered boat and little people. "We got to see them put the milk in" said Elizabeth. "Milk?" I repeated, puzzled. "It's what makes it go!"


Elizabeth said her favourite part was "everything", especially the dragon rollercoaster and the ferris wheel. Matthew's favourite part was getting a new stuffy from one of the ridiculously overpriced exchange a duck for a flimsy stuffed animal booths. Elizabeth brought her own money and bought a big pig "Fluffy". She also lent Matthew and her cousins money. Matthew picked a sun he has dubbed "Hooky". Xander got a sun too and Isabelle had a butterfly. Auntie Janice attempted to win herself an owl but unfortunately there were insufficient participants and she got a big frog instead. Xander got to have him instead as it was his birthday!


Amelia got to go on the merry-go-round with me, Matthew, Xander, Elizabeth, Karen and Isabelle. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Matthew flatly refused to sit on a horse. Isabelle started sitting and then changed her mind at the last minute. Afterwards Matthew thought he might like to try a horse but we decided to go on different rides instead.


We went on rides until we ran out of tickets. Well - actually the adults mostly watched and reminisced of rides in years gone by but it was fun even if I should have worn my boots.


We went back to Dave and Karen's for birthday lunch from Swiss Chalet and cake. Uncle Brendan drove to join us, along with Auntie Janice's food.

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September 18, 2016
Fun at the neighbours

I've mentioned before that our street has a veritable posse of kids in the same age range(s) as our kids, and they all like to play together.


Elizabeth and Matthew especially have spent many a fall afternoon after school bouncing on Simon, Martin and Oliver's trampoline. Amelia likes the trampoline too, but doesn't get too many chances because she's too little to go on at the same time as the "big kids". Luckily they have her favourite toy. So it's a pretty popular place. When they get tired of the trampoline, they bike, run or scooter to our place a couple doors down and play in the sandbox.


It's a pretty sweet setup.

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September 16, 2016
Red Gi

Elizabeth was pretty excited to be invited to join the Black Belt Club (BBC) at Karate recently and today she received her red gi uniform.


Coming on top of learning to spar, it's been a pretty exciting time lately and her enthusiasm has gone through the roof.


"I'm going to be a leader" she proclaimed, enthusiastically. BBC comes with the responsibility of helping out in a lower belt class. Elizabeth can't wait - she's been saying lately that she wants to be a sensei when she grows up.


For very late classes we had been making her wear her pjs under her karate uniform so that she could just hop into bed after class. Turns out that this does not work for a sparring class, after her first one she came out dripping and needed a shower in addition to having to change pajamas!



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