February 23, 2017
Snowy Winter

It's been a pretty snowy winter, which means lots of sled rides to the bus stop for the kids and much playing in the snow.


It's not so good for skating on the canal, but the kids are having a ball nonetheless.

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February 20, 2017
Aviation Museum

Lorianne's family came for supper while Angie was here, and we introduced them to fresh pasta and lemon schaum tarts.


In addition to skating, we dragged Angie to the Aviation museum this visit where they were having a special music camp promotion. Amelia napped while the older two tried out all the things (especially the drums!)


Then we did the "mail must fly" tour, which was mainly notable when someone tossed their cellphone from the second story instead of a parachute. The cellphone did NOT survive the trip down.

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February 19, 2017
Little Elizabeth and Charlotte

Neighbours Elizabeth and Charlotte invited us to their joint pool party at Dovercourt. There were fairy wings and jewelry and noise makers and the cutest Mickey cake ever.

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February 18, 2017

One of the cool things about Ottawa is that we have so many outdoor trails, including the Sir John A Macdonald or SJAM winter trail. It has great scenery, is super close to us and is especially groomed to make it easy to snowshoe or cross-country ski. Not bad right in the middle of the city! Grandma J snowshoes on it quite regularly, but this was our first time.

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February 17, 2017
Lac des Loups

There's a new outdoor skating in the woods venue just outside of Ottawa and we decided that we HAD to check it out while Angie was here. We actually went on the 16th.


It was as amazing as I had hoped. We let Elizabeth skate around by herself as she was so much faster than the rest of us and the track was nearly empty of other skaters.


Unfortunately, I completely misread the map. I thought we had sent her around the loop with no possibility of getting lost. I was sure we'd meet her on the other side within a minute or two, but it turned out there were several turn-offs and the loop was much longer than we expected. I might have had a moment of panic, during which I may have skated faster than I should, caught my skate in the ice and fallen hard. It was a pretty good thing I was wearing a helmet; even so I was seeing stars for a few minutes. Otherwise I'm quite certain we would have been headed to the nearest ER.


In any case I was a lot more careful after that and we soon located Elizabeth. She had of course not come to any harm and was quite pleased at having a solo adventure.


It was a beautiful day, and gorgeous ice. Highly recommended!!!

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