April 7, 2017
Team Pound-It!

Our awesome neighbours invited us to do an Escape room with them today. I've always wanted to try one so once I'd arranged babysitting with Grandma J and Auntie Janice I jumped at the chance.


An Escape room is basically an experience where you get locked into a room for a certain time period with a group of others and you need to solve puzzles in order to get out.


Hosted at the Museum of Nature, this particular escape room "The Heist" was a jewel heist and we were a team of thieves who had to figure out how to disable the lasers guarding the jewel within an hour or be caught by security!


Needless to say of course our team was awesome and we accessed that jewel with six minutes to spare! Catherine would probably like me to mention that her part of the team actually completed their tasks in the fastest time our staff helper had ever seen.


Brendan and my part didn't go quite as smoothly. We're blaming the above average height of our group. Apparently super tall can sometimes be a disadvantage, especially when the clue writers are expecting normal height people to do the tasks.


I was pretty amused that I ended up being the map reader and navigator - those of you who know me well know that spatial orientation is not my strength, but apparently the many hours that I have spent at the museum have provided me with enough familiarity that I found it super easy for once.


Afterwards we went to Pure Gelato. Brendan says his crepe was amazing and he'd recommend it. They apparently have GF options but I was too nervous to try anything given that it wasn't so long ago that I poisoned myself.


All in all we had a great time and we're definitely going to do another escape in the future.

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April 5, 2017
A garden story

I finally got around to starting my seedlings for this summer.


I'm trying artichokes, leeks, watermelon and big beef tomatoes. I think I may need to plant more tomato plants; we'll see if I get around to it in the next couple of days!


The kids were very eager helpers, especially Amelia who at first didn't understand that she was supposed to plant the seeds and so popped them into her mouth, dirty fingers and all. Ewww.

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April 3, 2017
Amelia 22 Months

At twenty two months Amelia weighs 21 pounds and has finally outgrown the infant bucket seat.


Recently she has dramatically increased the level of daytime nursing requests. If she's bored or overwhelmed it's all "ni, ni, ni" while she tries to undress me. A discrete nurser she is not so she is frequently disappointed. She has also been sleeping less well, waking up to nurse and then nursing for many hours while dozing lightly unless I manage to wake myself up enough to put her back to bed. It's interfering with my sleep too, so we have begun the process of night weaning. She is not amused. She is very creative with her requests to nurse. If a direct request is not effective, she might demand to "nap" instead (because she gets to nurse at naptime). Or she'll ask for "bed" in the other room in the hopes that I'll nurse her then. "Mommy, come". If all else fails, "dink, dink, dink" (drink). She's very persistent.


She likes to do everything her brother and sister do. Tonight she had a meltdown when Daddy put her pjs on after being told very adamantly "no bath". Turns out she wanted a shower like Matthew and Elizabeth.


She always wants to go to the bus stop, but mostly insists on walking there. She has been known to walk all the way to the community centre and back on her own steam. It is a little frustrating to walk with her because she doesn't always have the same sense of urgency her parents do. There are so many snowbanks to walk on or dig in, puddles to jump in, ice to crack or dirt to smear on the sidewalk.


Still a rather picky eater, she does like to help herself to snacks and the other day I turned around and found that she had managed to serve herself a large hunk of lasagna off the kitchen counter into her own bowl that she had gotten out for herself. If I open the oven, she dashes to get the oven mitts in the hope that this will be the time I let her help. Although she doesn't get to help with the oven, I have frequently indulged her enthusiasm for helping cook this month.


Amelia really likes colouring "just scribbling" says Matthew dismissively. She pretends to do her math just like her siblings, practice piano and write her name. She loves helping with chores, such as "folding" laundry and tossing it willy nilly into the drawer, swishing the toilet and wiping down mirrors. But her favourite is definitely the vacuum cleaner. She likes to vacuum very vigorously for 30-45 seconds. Then she says "all done", turns off the vacuum and walks over to you "Five!" she demands, meaning she wants a high-five. Then back she goes to switch the vacuum back on. Vacuuming can keep her busy for a surprisingly long time.

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April 2, 2017

It may have snowed Friday (sadly not the possible 37cm), but the weather has definitely taken a turn towards spring.


This weekend Matthew went to a birthday party down the street which was declared "super fun". He insisted on being called "Max" as per the tag on his dog costume that he wore to the party for some hours after. Later we had a three-way Skype with Grandma and Grandpa H. "How???" demanded Elizabeth. "How is that even possible?" Then: dinner with neighbour friends. Charlotte is fascinated by Amelia. Amelia inclined to shriek in her face and run away from all the love. Everyone found this amusing, except poor Amelia.


Beautiful sunny Sunday meant all the kids were out on the street. All our toys with wheels got dragged out and tried in turn. Elizabeth and Matthew tried out the big bikes that they had just been starting to ride in the fall and as is spring ritual declared them "too hard" and "scary". I predict Elizabeth will get over it quickly especially since neighbour girls her age all have bigger wheels. Matthew was really unsteady so I foresee much coaxing.

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March 31, 2017
PJ party

Elizabeth was invited to her friend Peyton's birthday party late this evening which meant skipping tournament team. It was a PJ party - which was brilliant and I'm told we are totally stealing the idea.


Picture a dozen or so seven and eight year old girls all wearing matching pjs, making toilet paper dresses, playing truth or dare, and watching a movie with THREE kinds of popcorn, pizza and candy.


There was much giggling. I also loved that there were five girls from Elizabeth's Jr church class present. We got to give one of them a lift home, to Elizabeth's great delight.

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