May 3, 2017
Amelia 23 Months

Twenty-three months is clearly the gateway to the terrible twos, or at least the tantrum portion. There have been some epic ones, mostly due to frustration that she can't quite do something the way she pictured herself doing it.


Amelia is very independent and likes to do things "by self" as Elizabeth used to say. She wants to put on her own clothes and her own shoes and climb into her own car seat. She does not appreciate unsolicited help "No sank oo". If she wants something she chants it over and over and over until someone notices.


As the weather has improved she's gotten quite obsessed with biking and scootering. She isn't super comfortable on the balance bike yet, so prefers her tricycle. But her legs are not long enough to actually pedal it. She's also not capable of using her siblings' scooters, to her GREAT frustration. So she's developed her own way of scootering on her tricycle.


Even inside she pretends to scooter on her little ride-on toy around and around the basement.


Lego is a favourite toy, I think mostly because that's what her older siblings are playing with at the moment. Amelia's idea of Lego is dumping it all over and then picking up each tiny piece to examine one by one. She loves reading stories over and over and over again. I think Daddy encourages this by varying the story details slightly in an effort to entertain himself.


Amelia's been a bit clingy around Mommy, often wanting to be held and otherwise getting in the way of doing things. She's quite happy to go on adventures with other people, especially if they offer to take her to the park. She loves the park, especially twirly slides, which I let her go down by herself as long as she slides on her stomach (since I can't guide her from the top and she still tends to tip over sideways if she sits). Turning on a vaccum cleaner is like activating an Amelia magnet that will draw her from anywhere in the house demanding to help. She likes to help Daddy shave in the morning. 


She's clearly getting teeth - drooling, complaining about a sore mouth, and still wanting to nurse. Night weaning is still not a thing here; I got serious about it and she started sleeping better. So I haven't actually cut her off but that and a move to her own room are both on the list of overdue items we haven't had the energy to make happen yet.


Amelia still isn't potty trained, although we've told her some things are only for big girls and she's thinking about it. She does like being like her siblings - she imitates what they are doing, demands "my kern (turn)" for piano practice and can expertly catch a pokemon creature on the way to karate where she too shows off her skills in the waiting area.

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May 2, 2017
Dead rat

Remember Fred? We'd hoped that we'd seen the end of the sewer rats living in the flower bed but no such luck as three new entrances appeared as soon as the ground thawed.


We are trying many ways of dislodging these undesirable tenants.


The kids put our plastic snake at the end of the tunnel in the hopes that it might catch a rat (to the great consternation of more than one delivery person).


Brendan heard rats didn't like onions, so we shoved an onion cut into pieces down the tunnel and put chicken wire over the top.


I called the city. Actually, I called the city about a neighbour's dog that was roaming unsupervised with less than successful results, but since I was already on the line I asked the nice operator if he couldn't also dispatch someone to put poison into our branch line again. The exterminator was by less than twelve hours later, so I was pretty impressed.


Imagine my surprise a couple of days later to find a rat that had died right at the mouth of his tunnel. It HAS been raining a lot - could he have drowned? Was it the poison? Or did he have a heart attack when he saw the snake???

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May 1, 2017
White Belt

Elizabeth has been trying very hard to convince Matthew that he needed to sign up for karate, and finally we bowed to the inevitable. Mostly I think Elizabeth wanted the chance to spin the wheel for a prize. She won a dairy queen treat. I was hoping for a free month of karate lessons and relieved no drone or something equally terrifying. She's already trying to figure out who she can sign up next. Be warned.


Matthew is loving having his own gi and getting to go to karate too. So far I've been pleasantly surprised at how well he listens to the senseis. He's even been described as "focussed" (!) Hopefully this doesn't wear off as he gets more comfortable.


Elizabeth was very excited to be able to help in her brother's class. "It's the cutest one" she says, and she has a point. Something about the three and four year olds flailing around is adorable.


Today is a bit of a milestone mark in my adventures as a "karate mom" as I somehow got roped into scoring the karate nationals coming up at the end of the month. Quite the adventure from knowing nothing about karate less than eighteen months ago!

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April 28, 2017

My kids were invited to help test a new climbing wall the museum of science and tech is planning for when they reopen.


Matthew and Elizabeth were not excited about the scent packages placed at various places to give a "sensory" experience while climbing. "All the things smelled bad and it got on my fingers" complained Elizabeth. It's true that the maple syrup package only smelled like maple syrup if you didn't stick your nose right in it. If you sniffed too close it smelled like burnt plastic. I guess in order to keep the scent over a few months it needs to be fairly intense.


All enjoyed climbing very much. Elizabeth would have liked to try going much higher.

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April 25, 2017
Third Stripe

Elizabeth was super excited to get her third stripe on her orange-green belt today. She's determined to earn her red one before grading in two weeks, which I doubt will be a problem.

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