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June 19, 2017

They were looking for volunteers for Elizabeth's end of year field trip and playing mini golf didn't sound too strenuous so I agreed to do it.


They neglected to mention the part where we got to go for a hike in Gatineau park. It was very short, but of course I had one kid in my group that wanted to run ahead and while the other kids were quite willing to keep his pace I was simply not up for it.


The mini golf course was extremely nice and we're going to have to go back. Ottawa is experiencing a bit of a tent caterpillar population explosion at the moment and there were hundreds of them all over the place. Some of the kids found this scary and gross, but far more of them decided they needed pet caterpillars. I have a lot of experience enforcing a no-bringing-live-animals-into-the-house-or-vehicle rule, but some other groups weren't so strict. Madeleine outdid everyone by collecting at least a hundred in a ziplock bag. I have so far resisted the urge to email her mom and find out if any arrived at home alive!


After the hike we went to see the little museum they have, and then I let the kids run around and play Frisbee.


It was a fun (but exhausting) day.


June 18, 2017

I've been feeling completely terrible, throwing up three or more times a day and generally being unwell and exhausted all of the time.


So I was extremely thankful that my kids' schools organized some love for their Daddy. The kids are old enough now that they also decided to organize breakfast in bed. We were somewhat terrified to discover this when they showed up with a tray with breakable objects teetering precariously as they carried them - together - into the bedroom. Not that we could object without shattering a great deal of pride in their accomplishment, so I just closed my eyes and hoped they made it the rest of the way without dropping anything!


After church, we went to Grandma J's for palatchinken and marillenknödel. Yum!


Then we went home, where the kids put on a special and very long "boat show" for Daddy. It did not end in tears, surprisingly.


June 17, 2017

I don't think I've written about it, but Elizabeth joined her friend Olivia's ballet class this spring and today was the long awaited recital.


Olivia invited Elizabeth to join her at dance camp this summer, and before we signed up we thought it prudent to check out the free ballet class they were offering. Since Olivia was taking several classes a week and those classes conflicted with karate, it never occurred to me that we might be tempted to sign up ourselves.


But then Elizabeth moved to tournament team, suddenly "freeing" up her Friday afternoons, and it turned out that karate skills transfer to ballet more than I'd have expected, so Elizabeth wasn't completely out of place in the class. So when they invited her to be a penguin for their production of Mary Poppins, we couldn't resist Elizabeth's sales pitch.


I enjoyed the Mary Poppins ballet very much! I thought the dancing and choreography was quite well done for a production of this kind, and Elizabeth did very well indeed. We were extremely surprised to find that she had a role with a bit of personality. She carried it off very well. Daddy was especially proud of his "stand out" penguin. Grandma J, Lorianne, Auntie Janice and our family all came to cheer her on.


Lorianne was leaving for camp followed by a year in Spain right after the recital so we had a special farewell breakfast in the morning. We're going to miss her very much!!!


June 16, 2017

Amelia quite enjoyed sportball. Like her brother before her, she was especially fond of those sports that required her to whack things. She generally preferred not to do the demonstrated activity more than once, and liked to pretend to be the helper. Ie "I'll hold the hoop, Mommy throws the ball".


Elizabeth had a couple of PD days and came along to "help", to the great amusement of both girls (Matthew was at preschool across the hall).


June 15, 2017

I'm pregnant! I guess this is the big news of the year!


Some of you may recall that Elizabeth ordered a second brother way back before I was pregnant with Amelia.


Well, as it happens back in March or so she started telling various friends (and their parents!) that she was going to have another sibling in January. I was a little puzzled to be getting all these comments from other parents about how "brave" we were and how tired I looked etc. Eventually it became clear that Elizabeth had been telling people I was pregnant, because she had been chatting with God and asked for a January baby. "Because winter birthdays are the best but I know February is kind of busy". I told her to stop telling people I was pregnant because Mommies prefer to tell that sort of news themselves, besides they also prefer to wait until it's actually true and Mommy and Daddy hadn't quite decided whether they actually wanted to have four kids yet. Then I took some books out of the library about how babies are made. I also told the parents that I was definitely NOT expecting.


So... you know how this goes. A month or so later I started feeling quite ill and long story short January 10th we're having another little boy.


In the taking no more chances department, I thought it better to get Elizabeth to agree that once number four comes along our family is big enough. After all, she also would like to have a room to herself at some point in the not too distant future.


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