August 30, 2017
First day of Maternelle

Matthew had his first day of "real" school today. I'm hoping that he makes a friend and especially hits it off with his teacher. We were sad that he didn't get placed in the class with Elizabeth's excellent JK EC (her teacher has since moved on) but we already know the principal (Elizabeth's teacher from last year!) so we're sure he's in good hands.


Elizabeth took charge of Matthew when the bus arrived. He got on the bus without looking back and the two of them waved with big smiles.


At the end of the day he came back all smiles. It was a "good" day. He claimed he did not make any friends and he couldn't remember his teachers' names, but this didn't seem to bother him. The funniest part of his day was listening to Elizabeth and her friend Olive on the bus. The strangest part of his day was naptime. He got lost trying to find his teacher but "a man" helped him out. "Did you tell him your name?" demanded Elizabeth, who has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to teach him to respond to "Comment t'appelles-tu?". "I said [last name] [first name]" said my son proudly. "And when they asked if I spoke English or French I said English." Elizabeth was not happy. "Didn't you learn ANY French today?" she demanded? "I can say school bus" (and he can!) It will be interesting to see how fast he picks it up.

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August 29, 2017
First day of grade 3

Elizabeth started grade three! She was a little nervous about finding her classroom even though we experienced parents know the cheating way of figuring out who her teacher was and already knew that she isn't in Adi's class (she is in Olivia's).


Once I told her which courtyard she was going to be in she stopped talking about "maybe you should come the first day after all". Her lunch was much less elaborate than the last four years. She had very specific ideas about what I was to put in it. Oh well...


Elizabeth said that the best part of her day was finding her teacher and it was a very fun day. Apparently all her stuff was accidentally labelled "Eliana" but she didn't mind, just thought it was funny.


She's in a split grade 2/3 class with a teacher that she "adores" so while we aren't sure what to think about the split we are hopeful it's going to be a good year.

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August 28, 2017
Bus Practice Day

We thought about skipping bus practice day yesterday. After all, Elizabeth and Matthew took a bus to camp earlier this summer and Elizabeth can quite easily teach Matthew the rules. However, Elizabeth insisted that it was a valuable experience Matthew needed to have so off we went at the duly appointed time. He declared it "fairly boring" but "important". Elizabeth just likes riding the bus so she had fun.


Mostly I think she wanted him to have a matching McDonald's bus safety placemat so he would quit coveting hers. They were pretty happy to get free ice cream coupons too!

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August 27, 2017
Uncle Dave has a birthday

Elizabeth and Matthew went to a birthday party yesterday, and we were headed to Uncle Dave's birthday party in the afternoon, so I'm not quite sure how they managed to talk me into throwing a birthday party for their stuffies in between church and Dave's party.


Uncle Dave's party featured much running around and eating of cake, like any proper party should.

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August 26, 2017
Olivia's birthday party

Elizabeth, Lindsay and Mila have been making plans to have a BBQ party. Actually, Elizabeth announced that Lindsay was coming over for supper on Tuesday and we should make hamburgers. Strangely since none of the adults had actually been involved in the planning Tuesday's plan fell through (also we had gallons of rain). But we managed to find a time that worked for all three households today.


The kids play very nicely together; pity that Lindsay is not staying long.


After the BBQ we hauled our kids away from the neighbours and headed over to Joey and Mary's for Olivia's third birthday party. (Joey and Brendan grew up together on our street) The kids claimed they ate sandwiches, fruit and salad but I believe their supper actually consisted of chips, candy, juice boxes and cupcakes. A fine time was had by all!

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