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October 31, 2017

For Halloween this year, Matthew was Darth Vader (costume courtesy of neighbour Nelson down the street), Elizabeth was an elephant and Amelia was a dinosaur (we've gotten pretty good mileage out of that dinosaur, boy). Brendan was a giraffe (as usual) and I decided it was a good year to be a pumpkin.


It was my duty day at Amelia's preschool. We had a fun time reading books, being dinosaur vets and dinosaur fire fighters, doing crafts and then running around in the gym upstairs. For snack I brought ghost cheese, spider crackers and apple teeth.


After school we made some Halloween themed snacks and invited all of our neighbours to come join us for some supper before heading out trick-or-treating.


Elizabeth left by herself with her friends Mila and Bianca to go hit about a million houses. (I did check that they had adult supervision!)


The rest of us made our way down our street at Amelia pace. Matthew ran on ahead ringing doorbells which was extremely frightening - luckily my neighbour was able to go ahead with him. Eventually Brendan was able to join us and take him in hand and we all set out to go to Fourth Avenue where there are two houses that apparently compete to have the most over-the-top decorations in Ottawa. The one had an indoor AND outdoor component and we admired their dedication from afar. "That's too scary for me", decided Matthew. The other one was much less intense so we went to laugh at the dancing skeleton and get some candy. I should have brought a stroller for the way back but was luckily able to borrow one - it was pretty cold especially for Matthew who refused to wear anything except his costume and our kids lasted much longer than expected. Elizabeth wasn't super pleased that we stayed out longer than she did. This is apparently not how it's done.


But everyone had a good time and it was nice to catch up with our neighbours.




October 30, 2017

Rachel and Creighton are visiting Ottawa for a few days after Synod this year and we were very happy to see them.


Rachel and Elizabeth spent some time doing each other's hair, and Amelia's too. Matthew and Creighton and Brendan played Lego.


Then the older two headed out to karate. The kids weren't too pleased that we'd arranged things such that goodbyes and bedtime couldn't be dragged out indefinitely but we thought it was easier that way! Luckily the dojo was all decorated and "cool" so the sadness of parting was soon cured with some spider therapy.


October 28, 2017

It was Halloween dress-up day at skating. Matthew and Amelia both insisted on wearing their "real" costumes. Elizabeth had originally thought that it would be fine to wear wings and be a butterfly, but when we got into the car she suddenly decided she wasn't dressed up enough. "All I get are BABY wings", she said disgustedly. So I grabbed her way too small old tutu thinking I could pin it to her or something and off we dashed - just ahead of the massive Queensway shutdown for hydro wire replacement. (We had of course forgotten about this but luckily managed to avoid most of it - which was good as we were a couple of minutes late as it was!) Luckily Elizabeth was satisfied with my tutu and it was a snug enough fit that it didn't even need pinning - she just wore it as if it were a skirt lol. She was the only kid in her class dressed up aside from the teacher, but most of the kids in the younger classes had made an effort. Even Daddy was conned into donning a costume. I thought they all looked great!


After skating the younger two and I "napped" while Daddy and Elizabeth went to grading. Elizabeth was SO EXCITED because she wants to learn the new katas.


In the evening the older two kids got into their costumes ready to go to the "haunted dojo" karate Halloween party. Amelia got into her costume too for company but didn't have the meltdown she had last time she wasn't allowed to go to the karate party. There might have been screen time distraction involved. I confess I was not so sure that Matthew was ready for this; the maze last year was pretty scary, but it turned out that he just decided not to do that part and instead played out in the main area with the other younger kids. Even after I arrived he figured it wasn't "safe" to go into the dark. Elizabeth loved that part the best though.


October 26, 2017

The brownies got dressed up for Halloween. Elizabeth was very happy to try out her costume for the first time. Of course she's an elephant. Auntie Janice went as a painter.


October 23, 2017

Matthew got his second stripe on his white-yellow belt. Elizabeth got her red stripe on her green belt and is headed for grading.


Oh and Amelia insisted on wearing "her gi" to karate and then thought I was mean not to let her actually go into the dojo.


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