March 14, 2018
Karate Kid board breaking

In which Elizabeth learns how to demolish a board

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March 10, 2018
Michael at 2 months

At two months Michael is an input / output machine! That is, he nurses a lot and poops a lot. In between he sleeps. Actually he's quite a good little sleeper and usually gives me several hours uninterrupted in the night. He likes to snuggle close with a heavy blanket - I worried about him getting overheated but if I just use a receiving blanket he wakes up constantly and fusses.


I rarely have to change his diaper overnight. During the day is quite another story. Elizabeth will change his diaper if he pees but she finds poop difficult to deal with.


Everyone around here has been ill and while it's hard to tell exactly, we think Michael has caught the dread plague going around here. There's definitely an increased amount of baby spit. The sharp-eyed will notice an outfit change during the bear photo shoot. That is certainly a first!


On the positive side he is no longer yellow; the breastfeeding jaundice seems to have finally more or less cleared out. His toe is much better as well, though it looks like the hair may leave a scar.


Two months is pretty smiley though, so that is pretty nice.

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March 9, 2018
Bessie the Seventh

We got a new car! I only had to spend about 45 minutes at the dealer to a) sign the final paperwork, b) transfer the license plate and c) listen to the sales guy enthusiastically blather on about all the new features of the car. Mostly c), which I put up with because Brendan was interested (this is love). Also love is when your husband does all the actual car buying without you because he knows how annoying you find it. Plus he is so good at it!


It's exactly the same as our old van, but technology has advanced rapidly in the last four years. Lots of precursors to self-driving cars - adaptive cruise control where it varies the speed and steers for you. Windshield wiper de-icer on the front. And a vacuum cleaner in the back which is a sure sign of a vehicle aimed at parents.


My favourite feature is probably the fact that the middle seat can flip up out of the way so that you can slide the chair with the car seat in it out of the way.

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First museum

Amelia needed an outing so we took Michael to the agriculture museum for the first time. We haven't been for a long time because I was cranky over not getting to do farm camp last year, so it was the first time to see the canola exhibit.


It's a bit on the noisy side with a rather odd marble run art thing that moos and plays God save the Queen on endless repeat. Also the under five's play area has shrunk dramatically. However, while the honey is gone the bees are still there, it isn't all (broken) high tech and (non functional) screens the way so many museum exhibits have gone as the current cool thing.


Amelia enjoyed our outing very much!

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March 7, 2018

Matthew seems to have inherited my lungs. If he runs around too much - he starts coughing. If he gets very worked up - he has trouble breathing. If he has a cold - it lingers until we break down and use the inhaler for a few days. Mind you it would also help if this kid would learn to blow his nose instead of sniffing all the goop into his ears etc but that's a whole 'nother story...


In any case, Matthew definitely has asthma. Sadly Matthew is also frightened of his inhaler. Usually it takes a bit of "coaxing" to remind him how much better he feels after using it for him to have the courage to put it to his face.


We took this picture at his insistence because it was the first time that he worked up the courage to place his inhaler over his mouth by himself. The picture is "for next time I'm scared, so that I can remember I know how to do it".

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March 6, 2018
Hair Tourniquet

When Elizabeth was getting her little brother dressed this morning she noticed that his toe didn’t look right. « Mom! Michael has something scary stuck on his toe! »


I took a look and sure enough he had hair tightly wound around his toe and it was super constricted looking. I’ve been worried about this happening ever since Elizabeth was a baby. I do have very long hair, which I tend to wear loose (as it otherwise often gives me a headache). Margaret once told me a story about a friend’s baby that ended up needing an operation on his private parts after getting tangled in hair. So I’ve always been careful.


Anyway, I was able to untangle part of it but the toe was still very constricted looking and I could still see some hair. Getting more was impossible with all the kicking. So I got Brendan to try cutting it with scissors while I nursed and held the leg down. He cut part of it out, but it was still constricted and we didn’t know if we had actually gotten all the hair so reluctantly I bundled him up and headed to CHEO.


I was relieved that it was not busy at all. No lineup at triage, no one waiting in any of the rooms. The nurse looked at his toe and immediately figured out there was good blood circulation (by pressing the end if it goes white and then refills with blood that’s good). I promptly burst into tears. Not the first time.


The first line of attack was to slather the toe in hair dissolver (Nair) and let it sit for fifteen minutes. This apparently turns the hair into a kind of jelly which can be wiped away.


Not too long after a resident took us to the procedure room (which was a first!) He looked at the toe but couldn’t find any hair. He too found the kicking made things difficult. He consulted with another doctor and despite magnifying glass and light they didn’t see anything. 


Apparently after a hair tourniquet, it is common for the digit to remain constricted in appearance for a while. So Brendan’s efforts may have done the trick at home. But for good measure they decided to reapply the Nair. Then we waited for a while under « observation ». I nursed Michael and he filled many diapers and I discovered I neglected to bring any wipes. After a while the toe was checked again and they sent us home, with instructions to come back the following morning for a follow up or sooner if the swelling got worse or the toe became discoloured. 

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