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May 26, 2018

Finished my first race ever. Matthew ran the whole way. There were two or three intervals where he demanded to walk and I slowed (gratefully) to a fast walk for about ten seconds or less. But Matthew kept running and then just picked up speed again 😂 Elizabeth ran most of it literally looking back over her shoulder hollering that she didn’t want to separate, which inspired Matthew to keep a pace that was a little above my comfort level. Finally when we could see the finish Elizabeth decided to run ahead and finished 14 seconds ahead. I tried to get Matthew to run ahead too but he had a death grip on my hand and didn’t wish to let go.


Elizabeth was pondering out loud about how Catherine (our neighbour) was going to run 21 2km races. “I definitely can’t do that”, she mused, “I think I could manage doing it four more times though”


May 25, 2018

Tomorrow's the Great Glebe Garage sale, so we decided to take Matthew to karate tonight. I figured we could pick up Elizabeth from ballet (since it was pouring rain).


Of course her route goes the wrong way down a one-way street, so we actually somehow missed her and then were almost late to karate. Sigh.


Erika and Maria usually go on Mondays and Thursdays, but since they share the Friday class with Matthew, Erika decided she'd go for an extra class. She was glad she did since she got her FIRST STRIPE!!!


Matthew was pretty excited to get his red stripe, which means he is headed to grading.


May 22, 2018

We thought it might be fun to try recreating a picture of Erika and Elizabeth from the end of March 2013.


May 21, 2018

Maria turned 9 and as she was living with us we got to inflict the traditional candles on one's breakfast routine on her.  She didn't seem to mind. There was much partying and many, many bears.  We also had the amusement of showing the kids how to change a tire as Grandma's car had mysteriously developed a flat. As this is one of the many skills we feel everyone should know and is on our list of skills to impart to our children we did our best to turn a nuisance into a teachable moment.


In a silly effort to convince an ever increasing number of small wiggly and easily distracted children to all look at the camera while not poking each other or making ridiculous faces in a picturesque setting we dragged the whole kit and caboodle to Dow's lake for the tulip festival.  There we lined them up and attempted to get a photo without the other 57 billion people who were all standing around doing the same thing in the shot.  It was perhaps not our finest effort but the kids will likely not need nearly as much therapy as the adults as once done we plied them with cotton candy and they came away thinking the whole thing was a grand idea.


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