July 27, 2018
Paddling the Rideau

My kids are constantly asking when the canal is going to freeze again because "we can only go on it when it's a skating rink". I've been telling them for years that it's pretty neat to use for boating too but although we even have a canoe in our garage it's taken us a while to get around to actually putting it into the canal.


There's an easy access point by Patterson now though, so we loaded up the canoe, our scooters and many small children and off we went!


The kids enjoyed paddling around very much, especially the part where we squeezed by the island. We mostly stayed in the inlet because it was quite windy and the canal is a wind tunnel but Brendan took some of the kids out into the main channel for a brief exploration. After that they stopped arguing that it wasn't all that windy.

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July 24, 2018
Parliament Hill

Yukiko thought we should go visit Parliament Hill as part of cousin camp. The timing didn't work out during camp, but I thought it sounded like fun so Yukiko and I made a date and went!


I was super glad we did, because we discovered that parliament is being CLOSED for ten to fifteen YEARS in the new year for renovations.


Here's some of the things we learned during the tour:

1) It only took eight years to build in the first place (Elizabeth, whispering "Why is it going to take longer to fix than it did to build?" Me: "Shhhh")

2) The House of Commons is moving to West Block. The Senate is moving to the Conference Centre. This is the first time that the House of Commons and the Senate will be in two physically separate buildings.

3) Four provinces (Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Nova Scotia) formed the first parliament in 1867. We're in the 42nd right now. Nunavut is the last territory to have been made.

4) The walls have fossils in them. They are made of Tindale limestone from Manitoba

5) The House of Commons is to the left, the Senate to the right. The Hall is impartial and so is the library.

6) No one knows why the House of Commons is green, but the speakers chair is a replica of the British one. There's a tradition to drag the speaker to the chair because no one wanted to be speaker - nine were executed (not in Canada); it was a dangerous job.

7) Speaker of the house sits in the middle chair. The right chair is a throne for the Queen, the other one for her spouse.

8) The portrait of Queen Victoria outside the Senate is missing half her crown. It's been saved from fire four times, the last time it was cut out of the frame.

9) 1860 vs 1916 Fire from library destroyed the whole building. Doors are iron.

10) The most expensive book is "Birds of America". There are 11 copies in the whole world, worth $14 million dollars a copy. It's the size of a person and has all kinds of hand painted birds.

11) House of Commons seats are by population. We keep having to add new seats. Last time they added 30 new seats which was challenging because they couldn't move walls. Reno will address this problem. Senate seats are by region, not population, and senators are appointed, not elected.

12) There used to be a smoking room but now it's the salon de francophonie (they don't need a smoking room anymore)

13) The Peace Tower is the biggest building commemorated to Peace and has a carillon of 53 bells.

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July 23, 2018
First Aid

Erika and I took a first aid course with Janice and we are now certified in Standard first aid with CPR level "C" and AED.


Michael got to help. He wasn't quite sure what to make of this...


Many thanks to Janice for arranging everything!

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July 21, 2018

It was Uncle Mark and Auntie Yukiko's birthdays recently, so we celebrated!

Uncle Mark doesn't like to be photographed, for those wondering where he is. He also doesn't eat sugar, but I was satisfied with the "cake" we improvised out of orange slices and blueberries.


Auntie Yukiko requested a torte and I was super happy to be able to make her a cake!



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July 20, 2018
Ballet and Paw Patrol Camp

Elizabeth did ballet camp again this year and it was apparently wonderfully fun. She had a large cheering section come to check out her end of camp dance show.


Matthew went to Paw Patrol camp in the morning and mini athletes in the afternoon, both of which were highly appreciated.

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