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August 30, 2018

Looks like someone is headed to grading soon...


August 29, 2018

Matthew is back to school today along with half the maternelle class. He'd rather stay home and build things out of lego, but he's pleased to be going back to his class.


He has the same teachers as last year and likes them (we do too). All his friends have moved to the big school for grade one. He says he doesn't need new ones, but we're encouraging him to try to make new friends anyway.


After school he said he had a good time and was pleased to be back, aside from it being a bit too hot. The school is having brickwork done so none of the windows can be opened in his class!


August 28, 2018

Elizabeth is starting fourth grade. I was a little dismayed to find out that very few of her friends or previous year's classmates are in her class, but she likes her teacher and is super excited to start upper elementary.


You get to join sports teams! Recess is different! You get more responsibility! You have to change for gym!


But most importantly (according to Elizabeth) you get to learn English.


August 10, 2018

At seven months Michael is eating things. He loves to eat pretty much everything.  The only thing he has turned his nose up at so far are blueberries.  After one bite he clamped his mouth shut and wouldn't open it for quite some time.  He likes to play with toys and will amuse himself for a good 15 minutes.  He signs milk for everything other than diaper changes.  The kids are working on teaching him some more specific signs in between trying to toilet train Amelia.  Their latest strategy is to toilet train Michael first (Elizabeth takes him to the toilet while Matthew cajoles Amelia to try too).  Michael has peed in the toilet and there is a real danger that he may beat Amelia yet... Sadly Michael is also starting to make strange now and no longer happily goes to random people for cuddles.  He still seems to find most of our extended family acceptable (at least the ones he sees fairly regularly). He loves splashing.


July 28, 2018

Well, it was Matthew's first spartan race and it started out absolutely POURING. Elizabeth was apparently very nervous (we signed her up for the 3km one for the first time) and spent the entire car ride there telling me that she hates running and races and WHY AM I MAKING HER DO THIS WHEN SHE DOESN'T LIKE RUNNING?!?


Matthew thought she was being very silly (not wrong), but luckily it had stopped raining by the time we got there so she agreed to come in at least and get her t-shirt. Then we found Aidan and Caitlyn and randomly bumped into a couple of her friends from school and some more from karate and she cheered up.


Matthew and Caitlyn were in the same heat, so she agreed to take him under her wing. Then there was a bit of a kerfuffle over dividing the heat and there were only about 10 kids in the second wave or something, so they were all like "just go!" but Caitlyn didn't want to and it took me a bit to convince her she should start running. By that point Matthew had completely disappeared. Absolute chaos.  I was a little stressed about finding him there were SO MANY people and spent more time than I would have liked running back and forth parts of the course looking for him. Eventually I located him though (and Caitlyn caught him up). There wasn't any mud to speak of. Matthew finished in 20 minutes and 58 seconds.


Elizabeth had to wait around until the afternoon for her heat and by that time it was crazy hot. We sprayed her with water as she came around the course, which she loved. She finished every single obstacle even though they told her it was optional and adored every minute. We were crazy impressed. She finished in 36 minutes and 38 seconds and took back all the stuff she said about not liking running. Of course I must sign her up for next year, but maybe she could do the harder Elite one because they got better freebies and it's not like she had to skip any of the obstacles. I'll have to remind her of this next year...


After the race we went swimming with Aidan and Caitlyn and Evelyn. We borrowed swimsuits because it would have been too far to go home and back again.


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