September 23, 2018
Xander's birthday

It was Xander’s seventh birthday and he didn’t have power so rather than cancel his birthday the cousins came to us!


I find it somewhat unbelievable that he’s seven, to be honest.


In any case we had cake and the cousins played together.  We also finally got around to making giant bubble mix. Making huge bubbles is strangely addictive. Some of the neighbours came by and made bubbles too.

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September 22, 2018
Apple Picking

It was Michael's first time picking apples! We met up with Auntie Heather, which the kids adored because they got to pick twice the apples! We decided to do the lovely little path around the back of the orchard (our first time!). We even managed the longer version of the path with no tears or injuries.


The kids were a little disappointed that the trees we were picking did not require ladders, but Daddy-ladder was an acceptable substitute.


We even played in the hay jump. Elizabeth did not jump until she carefully inspected the safety aspects. They have made improvements that were deemed significantly less likely to be nose hazards and she enjoyed herself greatly until time to get into the car and she couldn't get all the hay off her pants. Some children ended up driving home pantless but they didn't mind because they also got to eat many doughnuts.

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September 21, 2018

Some of you may have heard about the six (SIX!!!) tornadoes that hit our area September 21st. Let me say upfront: we were totally fine - never even lost power.


Actually we were in the middle of picking Elizabeth up from ballet to take her and Matthew to karate when we got the warning on our phones. Brendan's a bit of a weather watcher so I did check with him before driving to karate - there were quite incredible gusts of wind but otherwise things seemed pretty normal. In any case,  the action was quite a bit south of us and it looked like we had loads of time before the storm hit so we carried on. Not sure in retrospect if that was the best decision, but I was glad I went if only to keep my nieces from biking home in the winds before the tornado warning had ended. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


It was a PD day, and it was a rainy one.


I wondered about the wisdom of parking under the trees at karate, but since we knew weather was incoming I decided not to take the time to look for something on the street but just headed into the dojo. Not long after the most incredible rain storm I have ever seen began - water was just sheeting down. Information about the damage in Dunrobin and Gatineau started coming in and we started eyeing the windows somewhat nervously, contemplating where exactly we would take cover.


I was surprised to find Maria hanging out in the dojo as she doesn't usually come on Fridays, and shocked to find out that the girls had received the tornado warning, ignored it and biked (!). Cue stern lecture from Aunt Mary about not being outside during a tornado warning - certainly not without having checked with an adult, or looking at the radar and certainly not using a bike when during a major windstorm!


Class ended and I was surprised to see parents arriving in the middle of the storm and leaving again. One kid goes "Mom, I don't want to go out in that" (smart kid). Mom: "Don't be silly, I brought your raincoat". From all accounts the driving was pretty hairy. Ottawa lost one of our main power substations, so most of the major intersections had no power.


Erika did get her third stripe though!


The following day people were asked not to drive through any major intersections without power because so many people were having collisions that it was tying up emergency services. Matthew and I decided we'd bike to karate. He was pretty excited because he loves biking. We'd never tried it before because you have to cross either Bank or Bronson bridges which are both completely unsafe to bike over, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a route over Bronson that is reasonable, if slightly nerve wracking with a five year old who doesn't quite know his left from right and has an alarming tendency to unexpectedly swerve into the road. Actually getting there was fine aside from Bronson having no bike light near Sunnyside so we had to get across the large intersection acting as a four way light. At least that's what I assumed and then suddenly realized halfway through that only HALF the lights were out (southbound was out and northbound was active) and we had just started biking across a three lane highway against a green light.


Then we couldn't get through because a large tree was down blocking Sunnyside and Leonard (did I mention my nieces bike right near there?) But eventually we got to karate. We had skating later that morning and it was in the east end so pretty much unaffected. The lights in that area were all working, so we decided we'd go (after confirming the arena was still operational, of course). We went apple picking as planned.


When I went shopping I was amused by what was available (kiwi, bug products...) and what was not (bread, toilet paper...)


More than three hundred traffic lights were not working for almost two days and many people and schools didn't have power, so they asked all the public servants to stay home, closed the museums and the English school boards closed all their schools. But our schools were open... so we went.


It struck me as slightly surreal how little impact it had on us overall. Texting on Saturday was a real annoyance (because the cell networks were all overloaded). The downspout from our gutter had to be reattached as it got knocked off with the force of the water coming off our roof. It rained so hard against the door in our garage that the drywall suffered some water damage through the hinge. My (remaining) corn got flattened. When we went skating we had to go to multiple gas stations because the first one was out of gas.  Ultimately though other than it being a bit of an inconvenience we got off very lightly.  Neighbours just a stone's throw away had no power for over 24 hours and many were without for several days.  The areas which received direct hits were out for 4-5 days.  We lent our generator out to save the contents of a deep freeze and suspect that many people will be shopping for generators in the near future.


Hopefully all of this will help people to take such weather warnings more seriously in the future and also to think a little more about their disaster plans (everyone has one right?), as we certainly will be.

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September 20, 2018

Hayley came for supper and since the kids knew it had recently been her birthday they decided birthday cards and a cake were in order. Matthew made a birthday paper airplane in lieu of card. Elizabeth made a very elaborate booklet.


Kids reckoned she should stay overnight but settled for bedtime stories being read by Hayley.

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September 19, 2018

Erika and Elizabeth are keen to hold us to our promise they could have “lots of sleepovers”. Erika was supposed to come on the weekend but succumbed to “Hoshino disease” as her mother put it. Or, in other words she pretended to be sick in order to get out of Japanese school, which meant she wasn’t allowed to come overnight Saturday evening.


When they came to pick up vegetables on Tuesday Erika was keen to reschedule so we agreed to let her come on a school night. Elizabeth was so happy she didn’t even complain about how we aren’t letting her go to karate after ballet on Wednesdays.

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