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November 28, 2018

It was ballet PJ week, which meant that Elizabeth and Amelia got to wear their PJs in class. Sadly ballet PJ week did not coincide with PJ day at school, but maybe that was just as well since they wanted to wear leotards and tights as well.


Elizabeth experimented with two kinds of pyjamas (since she has two days of classes in a week) and declared that the nightgown was easiest to dance in.


In other news, her ability to do her hair is now better than my attempts to help her so I've been retired.


November 27, 2018

Elizabeth's got her first stripe on her brown belt... or as she likes to put it "three stripes to go!" Not that she's counting or anything...


In other news, she has been formally invited to start preparing for her black belt to be received June 2nd 2019. This apparently involves extra Saturday afternoon training, three Sunday morning exams and writing an essay about karate.


The physical requirement list seemed scary to me (it includes many jumping jacks and an obscene number of push-ups), but she didn't find it that daunting since she decided to do it right after her double karate class. And then again for good measure.


November 26, 2018

It was my last duty day of 2018 with Amelia and we had a fun time as usual. So many creative and fun ideas. I particularly liked the ice hands. Amelia thought this was less cool than I did.


The duty day today had a special visitor who came to teach the kids how to do "yoga". Amelia really enjoyed it. She definitely has made friends and likes to play with them now, so while she made sure I followed her around I was less the centre of attention and more an observer this time around.


November 21, 2018

Amelia had photo day at ballet, and while there will be adorable professional photos at some point Amelia wanted to pose while we were waiting for Elizabeth's class to get out (Amelia's class is fifteen minutes shorter than Elizabeth's).


I'm starting to get the hang of doing a bun in Amelia's hair. I don't get to do Elizabeth's anymore; she does her own!




November 17, 2018

Elizabeth has been wiggling and wiggling one of her teeth for many weeks (as is her norm) and it finally came out.


Sort of. She's now lost three quarters of it. Apparently the tooth cracked when it got pushed up and it's coming out in bits. It was super uncomfortable until the second piece came out, but now it's apparently fine.


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