December 18, 2018
Matthew lost his first tooth

I was recently helping Matthew brush his teeth when he surprised me by telling me his tooth was wiggly (what? already???). I checked and it turned out that his two bottom teeth were loose. He wiggled them for a couple of days, but just when he was getting to that stage where the loose tooth starts interfering with life he came home from school with his tooth number one in a bag!


He had been expressing anxiety about whether it would hurt when it fell out or whether there would be a lot of blood - both things Elizabeth explained were possibilities in her experience and then was quite annoyed with me trying to explain this was not helpful. I was relieved to discover neither were the case!

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December 17, 2018
Christmas Preschool

Amelia was doing so well after her surgery that we decided she could go back to preschool for the last week. Daddy was a little nervous as she is still inclined to forget that she isn't supposed to run around and especially not JUMP, but I figured that her teachers were probably just as likely to be able to get her to stop jumping as we were.


The classroom is definitely all ready for Christmas. I thought the candy cane science station looked particularly fun. The teachers have clearly gone all out on the themes this year. Amelia was especially excited by the pass the parcel present game they played where every child got to unwrap a layer.

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December 16, 2018
Isabelle had a piano recital

We should have left before church finished, but we didn't. We also should have come in directly instead of stopping to hang up our coats. So we actually missed Isabelle's piano playing part, but we did manage to hear the rhythm portion of the recital.


The kids enjoyed coming anyway, and we went back to the house afterwards where Isabelle played me an encore.

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December 15, 2018
Teacher cards

This year's edition of teacher Thank you cards.

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December 14, 2018
Christmas concert

Margaret and I went to Matthew's potluck party in his classroom (where we were regaled with songs and shown many crafts) followed by a show in the little gym.


The penguin dance was hilarious, featuring very loud and enthusiastic singing, foot stamping and butt wiggling.


There was a play as well, but it didn't feature Matthew and I didn't quite follow the plot because several (I assume crucial) scenes were rather hard to hear.


The penguin part was amazing though.

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