January 15, 2019
A dubious first

I was too depressed to mention this before, but our replacement pediatrician apparently moved to Toronto in the summer. So once again we are without a doctor. Sadly Dr Lynn does not seem to be coming back, which was Elizabeth's suggestion when I told her.


In any case, Michael had a well baby checkup this morning and was supposed to get his shots, but he's had a low grade fever on and off and has not been eating much of anything for the last two weeks. We figure he's teething and he has a miserable cold so this isn't terribly surprising, and while the doctor agreed that could be the problem apparently not eating and low fever can also be a symptom of a UTI. Since Michael has mild hydronephrosis, UTIs are something everyone gets excited about and we found ourselves headed to CHEO for a urine sample.


"Can't a clinic do a urine sample?" I wondered. Apparently not since she wanted results that day. There is a silver lining though, because our wonderful neighbour who is herself a pediatrician heard my tale of woe and may have found us a family doctor.


Anyway, Amelia has been under the weather for a little while, and her cough has been getting somewhat spectactular. I was hoping that she could be seen at the same time as Michael, but the well baby doctor not only refused to listen to her lungs but since it was "appointments only" we had to go halfway across the city with her and wait an hour to be seen. Unhelpful well baby doctor did pronounce it her opinion that Amelia should be seen today. So we did that before going to CHEO. Just as well, because doctor number two listened to her lungs and immediately prescribed Biaxin, a puffer AND a chest xray.


After a quick lunch consisting mainly of popcorn, we picked Daddy up from home and I took Michael to emerg and Daddy took Amelia to the xray department to see if she had pneumonia.  It didn't take too long to determine that Michael did not have a UTI. I declined to waste anymore ER time and headed home without seeing the doctor in time to get the kids from the bus and take them to their evening activities. I'm assuming Amelia doesn't have pneumonia either but we haven't actually heard.

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January 13, 2019
Skating on the Canal

The canal was open again and the ice was supposedly not completely terrible so I decided I was going to go skating. Michael and Amelia are under the weather, and it was pretty cold so we decided they were NOT going to go.


Elizabeth wanted to go on a Mommy-Daughter date pretty badly, so I agreed that we could go without Matthew. Then we'd come home and Matthew would have some one-on-one time with Daddy working on his periscope. This, coupled with a promise of beavertails at home was enough for all to be satisfied with the arrangement.


We met up with Auntie Heather and Andre near Pig Island, and skated all the way downtown. Then we skated back to Fifth to get our Beavertails. By the time we were through we'd done about 9km, apparently.


Auntie Janice has signed up to be a skate patroller this season and she was working officially so we got to wave a couple of times. We didn't get a good photo but Auntie Heather sent me one that she took ;)

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January 12, 2019
Home Depot

Dianne reminded me this morning that Home Depot was running a workshop so I dragged the kids away from stalling on their chores and off we went to build stuff.


This month's project was a whiteboard. I managed to demonstrate why one should read the instructions when I "helped" Elizabeth put hers together incorrectly and then stabbed myself with the screwdriver when trying to undo my mistake. Luckily Dianne was there to help! Michael was very obliging and slept through most of the build.


Afterwards we went to Loblaws and Michael had his first cookie.

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Pippi Longstocking

Karate book club is still going strong. This month Elizabeth read Pippi Longstocking and she was pretty excited because she was on the trophy team.


She also likes that Sensei Nick's parrot comes to book club. The parrot can talk "almost as well as Kiki" (the parrot in the Enid Blyton series we are currently working through as our supper readaloud)

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January 11, 2019
1st birthday

We invited cousins and aunts and uncles and Grandma and godparents Kate and Joel to help us celebrate Michael's birthday with loaded potatoes and cupcakes.


Given how late it was and that he was under the weather, he was extremely well behaved.


He was very interested in his present (and the box, of course). I think his siblings might have been even MORE excited by the present though. I was surprised by how excited Elizabeth was, although given her propensity for home gymnastics perhaps I shouldn't have been.


Michael wasn't too sure about the candle in the cake; in fact he was a little inclined to burst into tears when the lights went out but the novelty of getting to smooosh the chocolate cupcake was very diverting.

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January 10, 2019
One year old

At twelve months Michael is definitely walking around. He likes to run holding onto someone's hands, but often gets from point A to point B upright instead of crawling. If he does drop to the ground, frequently he scoots along on his bum. There's a lot of getting up and down and squatting. I certainly wish I had his stamina!


He's putting things in his mouth a little less, but still enjoys chewing things. He's especially fond of paper, especially important documents like secret password post-its the children have written to each other as part of their latest "game" and the odd cheque.


He hasn't been eating much the last few days, probably because he seems to have a cold again (still? it's all kind of running together). As we told Lorianne, in our experience small kids have constant coughs and runny noses until they are about five.


Michael is very talkative. Elizabeth seems to understand him the best, carrying on real conversations with him now.


He likes to play peek-a-boo and is very giggly. His favourite toy at the moment might be the vacuum cleaner, though he does like to get into the pots and pans. We've actually resorted to a lock on some of our kitchen cabinets as he seems to need more redirection than some of our children and strangely we have less time available to keep him out of the forbidden areas.


On his birthday we gave him a candle in his grapefruit, which he found most perplexing. Elizabeth was terrified and kept yanking it out of reach. He did not have any idea what he was supposed to do so the kids helped him blow out his candle. At supper he had angel food cake because his names are both angelic so I figured it was appropriate. He quite enjoyed getting gooey, although he didn't eat much of it.

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Matthew has two stripes on his yellow orange belt and Erika and Maria have two on their orange belts.


Smiles all around!

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