June 18, 2019
End of year french class

The French playground I've been taking Michael and Amelia to on Tuesday mornings had a welcome summer party so we had a special playgroup in the park with all kinds of activities, bubbles, splashpad, free food and even a fire truck. Amelia got an extra slice of pizza because they insisted on giving me some for myself although obviously I wasn't about to eat it! There was a police car too, but Amelia refused to check it out because she'd "already seen a police car at preschool". (Fair enough!) I'd actually completely forgotten about the special party, so we arrived without hats, sunscreen or bathing suit but we managed anyway.


Kids had a great time!

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Erika two stripes on green

Erika has her second stripe on her green belt (plus bonus Elizabeth showing off her new belt). Dairy Queen stripe celebrations ensue.


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June 17, 2019
Art Walk

The kids wanted to do an art walk as part of our spring bucket list and we invited Lorianne to come along. Matthew biked with Lorianne while the rest of us walked over to the arboretum. Then we sketched stuff and admired nature.


It was super fun.

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June 16, 2019
Two birthdays

We hosted Uncle Chris and Maria, Heather and Andre, Grandma J, Uncle Dave and Karen and kids and Auntie Janice for a combined birthday party for Heather and Chris.


We sang to both of them and they both blew out the candles at the same time :)


Yukiko and Erika were in New York seeing Arianna Grande.

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Father's day

There was much artwork and cuddles for Father's day this morning. In the afternoon Grandma J had the fathers (and family) over for palatchinken and marillen knoedel for lunch.

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June 15, 2019
Father's day karate

The children somehow managed to con daddy into going to father's day karate.  Unbeknownst to him the father's day karate this year was to be a serious workout.  A number of the fathers were huffing and puffing and starting to look a bit concerned as the class went on.  Some may or may not have resorted to cheating on the pushups and the planks.  Daddy managed to get through it alright but was a bit put out at having to work so hard as he felt the mothers got off much more lightly this year.  Matthew and Elizabeth thought it was great fun either way.

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June 14, 2019
Matthew graduates from kindergarten

Matthew has formally graduated from kindergarten, complete with little ceremony. It was our first kindergarten graduation as they didn't do such things when Elizabeth was that age.


His principal (Mme Nimo), who was also Elizabeth's grade two teacher is sadly moving on to a bigger school. We'll miss her very much. His teacher Mme Judith is also leaving, but to the big school to be a fourth grade teacher. Matthew's hoping she'll be his teacher again in a few years!

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