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August 7, 2019

Tubing was a great hit today.  The kids pretty much all spend the entire ride with their hands in the air making the "go faster" sign.  Somewhat miraculously none of them have been ejected from the tube yet.  After tubing we went to the library for cupcakes and then booted Erika and Elizabeth out of the van way down the road so they could run back.  In the afternoon we had Mr. Bear's treasure hunt.  Despite many years of incident free treasure and scavenger hunts this week we had three injuries including a rather impressive foot injury which kind of put a damper on the end of the hunt.  One of the girls managed to slice her foot open while running through the water by bringing her foot down super hard on a ginormous clam which was embedded in the sand in the shallow water pointing straight up.  A freak accident but still very traumatic for all involved.  In the end though all was sorted out and everyone made the best of things.  The next few days the girl was hoping around the resort and even out canoeing.  We made the older kids kick the pinata instead of hitting it with the stick as this was slightly more challenging for most of them.


August 6, 2019

Elizabeth led a few others in some exercise on the beach before the wiener roast and seed spitting contest.  Michael even managed to spit his corn kernel this week instead of just chewing on it.


August 5, 2019

Today we said goodbye to the hippo house and to Grandpa who will be going back to Angola before get back from the cottage.


July 7, 2019

We went camping!


We were 18 overnight Friday (our family, Dianne, David, Aidan, Caitlyn and Evelyn plus Caitlyn's friend Jasmine, Auntie Janice, Lorianne and her friend and roommate Emily Kate, Auntie Yukiko, Erika and Maria). Jasmine's mom Allison and sister Sienna joined us during the day on Saturday, as did Simon (Elizabeth's pre-kindergarten teacher), and Heidi and her twins. For those counting, that brought us up to 24. Grandma Margaret, Elizabeth's friend Ruici, Auntie Heather and André, and neighbours Lauren and Ronnie with their kids Elizabeth and Charlotte joined us for Saturday supper, for a total of 32 campers (22 of whom stayed overnight the second night). Then Portia and Ben and little Scarlet came for some beach time on Sunday (35!) So lots of coming and going and great fun. Sadly Amelia's friend (and our neighbour) Horatio was sick so their family couldn't make it last minute.


We ate well - there were s'mores, of course and chicken wraps (fri night), bacon and eggs and fruit and cereal (sat morning), hotdogs roasted over the fire with a marvellous corn-bean salad (sat lunch), chili with salad (sat evening), porridge and mini cereals and fruit and yogurt (sun morning) with leftovers and pasta (sun lunch).


Last year our site was quite far from the beach so we thought we'd try campsite 305. For some reason I was quite convinced it was 309, so all weekend people were turning up and asking to join 309 - which didn't exist. The park rangers thought I was quite amusing, especially when I told them that if it wasn't 309, it must be 307 (which also doesn't exist). Oh well. It was sweltering when we arrived and it rained a bit overnight one night but in the end the weather was actually pretty decent.


The bugs were not as bad as I was expecting, but we did make a start on our summer bucket list to "get a thousand mosquito bites". Matthew said he only got two!


There were epic nighttime card games and much roasting of things on fire. Auntie Heather and Andre brought a canoe and took people canoeing, which was very much appreciated by many. There was an epic seaweed fight - I witnessed the victory of many small (and getting less small all the time) children over sea monster Lorianne. Or where the children sea monsters? I didn't quite follow but they had great fun. Sandcastles galore. Water Bottle Rockets. Lots of fun!


July 1, 2019

We celebrated Canada Day and my birthday with brunch, sailing and fireworks.


I didn't want to cook on my birthday, so I acquired muffins and fruit and things to serve. I also made myself some rainbow jello as soon as I got home from Southern Ontario (priorities!), which I greatly enjoyed despite not having enough time to put anything more exciting than marshmallows in it.


I didn't think that watching Michael on the boat would be terribly fun so Uncle Chris very kindly looked after him while we sailed. The water has been so high after this year's spring floods that Canada Day was this year's sail past rather than a fun race. In fact, the season only just began as all boats were restricted from being on the water during the floods.


There are so many of us now that we didn't all fit on the boat; we'll have to bring Uncle Dave and Karen and family next time! I think there was a record dozen of us in the end. There were lots of laughs about our massive crew!


After sailing we came home for a quick supper before heading over to Grandma's to watch the fireworks off her neighbour's balcony. Michael thought the fireworks were very interesting - "woooo" he said, pointing.


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