August 8, 2019
Beach inbetween rain and pony

Today was a rain and sun all mixed together kind of day.  The kids didn't let it cramp their fun though.  They canoed, played at the beach and rode ponies between rain showers.  Michael is still absolutely loving the water.  He plays like a wild thing until he is cold then climbs up the nearest parent and cuddles while shivering.

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August 7, 2019
Tubing and Mr. Bear's treasure (injury edition)

Tubing was a great hit today.  The kids pretty much all spend the entire ride with their hands in the air making the "go faster" sign.  Somewhat miraculously none of them have been ejected from the tube yet.  After tubing we went to the library for cupcakes and then booted Erika and Elizabeth out of the van way down the road so they could run back.  In the afternoon we had Mr. Bear's treasure hunt.  Despite many years of incident free treasure and scavenger hunts this week we had three injuries including a rather impressive foot injury which kind of put a damper on the end of the hunt.  One of the girls managed to slice her foot open while running through the water by bringing her foot down super hard on a ginormous clam which was embedded in the sand in the shallow water pointing straight up.  A freak accident but still very traumatic for all involved.  In the end though all was sorted out and everyone made the best of things.  The next few days the girl was hoping around the resort and even out canoeing.  We made the older kids kick the pinata instead of hitting it with the stick as this was slightly more challenging for most of them.

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August 6, 2019
Karate on the beach and wiener roast

Elizabeth led a few others in some exercise on the beach before the wiener roast and seed spitting contest.  Michael even managed to spit his corn kernel this week instead of just chewing on it.

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August 5, 2019
Hippo house

Today we said goodbye to the hippo house and to Grandpa who will be going back to Angola before get back from the cottage.

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August 4, 2019
Aaron and Joanne get married

My cousin Aaron married Joanne . Sadly they picked a date while we were at the cottage, but we decided that we could drive down to the hippo house for the wedding.


The wedding itself was in Cayuga at Ruthven Park National Historic site and it was a picnic. The ceremony was outdoors. It was slightly longer than Michael's attention span but there were toys off to the side so Elizabeth took Michael to the side to play. After the ceremony, everyone grabbed a picnic basket and had a casual picnic while the photos were being taken.


Then we played games like spike ball and chatted until supper. Supper was a sit down meal with a pig on a spit. The kids were slightly horrified and we were amused by their reaction. Matthew said it was too sad to eat. There was dancing and donuts and candy. By the time we got to dancing the kids were really tired and Elizabeth was falling asleep on the grass, so we decided not to wait for pizza but drove back to the hippo house instead.

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