December 13, 2019

 Michael has been taking sportball like his siblings and he loves it.


Unfortunately there are new staff at the locations near us and they are not nearly as good as they have been in the past. In particular they don't follow the well thought out program, and unfortunately for the staff person I've done the program for over ten years so am acutely aware of the elements that she keeps skipping and/or leaving out. Sigh. I did complain and we ended up with a manager doing a retraining but it didn't help. They were also apparently missing some of the equipment so repeated sports instead of doing all of the sports they were supposed to do.


Oh well. Michael doesn't really mind but I found it very disappointing.


On the other hand it was still fun to get out of the house and wave hockey sticks etc in the air. Part of the class involves throwing balls all over the room (popcorn!) and bringing them back. Usually they have a different way to bring them back each time but the first time they asked Michael to bring them back attached to a body part like his nose and so for the entire rest of the session he always put the ball on his nose lol. The class was small so Michael got to help a lot (which he loved) and to be fair the instructor was very good at the actual teaching of sport parts - just not great at transitions (which the program is very well designed to handle... if you just do those parts...)  I'd still recommend it as a tiny tot activity, with adjusted expectations.

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December 12, 2019

It's been a full semester of music and Amelia has learned all of her notes on the keyboard. She's enjoying learning to play and she has finally reduced her tendency to karate chop her baby finger notes. She especially enjoys all the little keyboard friends and stuffies that are used to help learn the notes and rhythms (panda is her favourite).


Since we do back to back piano lessons with Matthew and Amelia, I was worried that Matthew or Amelia would disrupt each other's classes but they have been quite well behaved. During Amelia's class there are a whole group of little boys that all cluster around Matthew's iPad giving him advice on his game (usually Pokemon).


We continued on with our Thursday morning Music Pups classes - some of the neighbours have gone on to school like Amelia but there were still enough around to keep going at home which is really great. Michael loves music and the classes are highly entertaining (if you have a kid 0-3 and live nearby, there is space!)

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December 11, 2019
Second stripe

Not to be outdone - Elizabeth has now earned HER second stripe on her junior black belt.


Some of the resultant celebratory donuts were particularly adorable.

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Girls night out

Yukiko, Grandma J and I have a subscription to the classical ballet series this year but Grandma is away so Auntie Janice came instead.

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December 10, 2019

It was inordinately difficult to make the pudding because I wanted to have the maximum number of stirrers available but eventually I managed! There are five charms in the pudding, Hopefully we don't eat anymore...

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2nd Stripe

Matthew has now earned his second stripe on his orange green belt

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December 9, 2019
23 months

At twenty-three months Michael has a lot more words. He can say all of his siblings' names - Matthew is the most recognizable as Elizabeth is mostly "Beh" and Amelia is "Yaya". He likes to point to things and tell you about them and grabs your finger and pulls you to where he wants to go. If you don't go, he wails but it's fake crying because he can turn off the tears if you agree to do what he wants or present a more interesting activity.


23 months is also apparently the new two because he's started with temper tantrums. The other day he got upset so he charged upstairs to his room, slammed the door and lay down on the floor. I followed him to make sure he wasn't getting into mischief with my computer. I opened the door. He immediately stopped crying, got up, pushed me out of the room and slammed the door. Then he lay down on the floor again. It was pretty hilarious. Eventually I sent Daddy up and he got up, came over and acted like nothing had happened.


He likes to take a stack of books and get us to read them, but often we must read the same book four or five times in a row. He has memorized quite a few and there are certain things he always points out, like the cows in any book. He likes to say "KABOOM" at the appropriate time in Rocket Science for Babies.


Still throws everything on the floor at mealtimes, especially when he's done. He demands milk in his cereal. Elizabeth can't decide if this is amusing or really annoying depending on how recently she's gotten gooed before school. Generally she's good at removing his bowl before it gets flung. Once the puddling starts the bowl definitely goes away and he does NOT think this is right.


He just learned how to operate the door handle on his room. Luckily he can't open it reliably when he's sleepy so he hasn't come charging down the stairs. He has locked himself in the room (also a new skill) but was able to unlock the door when asked.


The sink is a favourite toy. He is still capable of making quite the mess but seems to have clued in that water all over is the end of playing in the sink. He loves to imitate his siblings. Occasionally this is terrifying if he takes it into his head to "help'. Like the time I caught him trying to put soap in the laundry machines.

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