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December 22, 2019

Kicked the kids outside so they would stop tracking sugar from the parts of the house we didn’t clean yet into the parts we had...


December 20, 2019

Elizabeth got nailed in the face at karate and suffered what's probably her first real karate injury - we made a big deal out of it teasing her and she was NOT amused. Apparently the kid she was fighting has a pair of broken gloves which was the source of the injury.


December 18, 2019

There's a new music teacher this year. I'm happy to report that the first graders were MARKEDLY better. Also there was no yelling. It was also much easier to see all of the students. Matthew's absolute joy when he spotted us and his enthusiasm in waving to his family was very cute.


It was still not as good as Elizabeth's kindergarten concerts (which were something!) but they obviously put a lot of work into this one and we enjoyed it a lot.


I was particularly impressed by the many props which apparently Elizabeth and some of her friends have been diligently working on for the music teacher at lunches and recesses for quite a while.


December 17, 2019

Amelia had to steal Elizabeth's santa hat for her Christmas spectacle. Elizabeth was not pleased but did lend it eventually.


The classroom had some technical difficulties getting background music so the kids sang a capella. I was very impressed by how well they knew the songs - they sang "Pere Noel frappe a la porte" and "Petit nez rouge", both of which have a LOT of words. Then they did a craft and then the computer started working so they did all the songs again with music and a hilarious dance (shuffle).


Michael enjoyed the craft part very much since he found it was an excellent opportunity to throw supplies on the floor.


December 16, 2019

Last year, I discovered (and started going to) a new-to-us francophone playgroup "Grandir Ensemble" that is okay with anglophone attendees.


I took Amelia and Michael very regularly once a week and now that Amelia is in school Michael and I go twice a week on Monday and Tuesday mornings.


I continue to be impressed by how well thought out their programming is - lots of things to discover and interact with and many opportunities to improve our French!


I often send Brendan a photo or two while we are there and he commented that many of the activities are his "worst nightmare" - sand and water tables and SO MUCH GLITTER. I was amused by the recent idea to give the toddlers a spray bottle full of coloured water. All things we'd NEVER do at home!


There are lots of amusing toys as well. Michael particularly enjoys their drum collection, the neat "Ella" (elephant), the kitchen toys and the extensive bucket of plastic bugs and other animals. I don't quite understand why one would sell (let alone buy) moldy bread though.


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