March 11, 2020
Preschool registration

It's time to register Michael for preschool! Actually we could have sent him this year, but we were concerned about him hanging around while all his friends graduated. Maybe it's because he's our last baby but we wanted to have him around a bit longer...


Our plan this coming year was to send him for the toddler program, and do the preschool program the following year. Not sure what we were thinking because it turns out that he's going to be too old for the toddler program by a couple of months (!)


Anyway, today was the day to check out everything and so I took Michael off to preschool. He was a bit clingy at first but soon loosened up and he LOVED it.

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Elizabeth has received her third stripe on her junior black belt and is apparently going to get her full adult black belt in April.

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March 9, 2020
Movie Night

Lorianne is planning to visit her brother in Sweden so we thought we'd have a quick dinner and movie night before she left! We let Elizabeth stay and watch Groundhog day with us.

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March 8, 2020
Kids kicking cancer

Despite a super busy day the older two kids still wanted to go to the Kids Kicking Cancer fundraiser at karate.  Basically the kids all kick for an hour while jumping up and down and generally making anyone who is watching feel tired.  Some of them take it upon themselves to dress up in super hero themed costumes.  This year Cody really outdid himself and came as Captain Canada in a costume that he and his girlfriend apparently spent 7 hours making.  Much fun was had raising money for a good cause.

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March 6, 2020

We're overdue for dental checkups by about a year (whoops) so I decided it was time to rectify that. Amelia was keen to get her teeth looked at, Matthew was keen to go get a toy and Elizabeth asked whether she could go "later".


Since it's been two years since our last visit I decided we might as well send the reluctant child first. After all, she has the most adult teeth to look after. I also decided that all of us at once might be too much of a good thing. My appointment was yesterday (no cavities! teeth and gums in pretty good shape! Maybe I don't need to go every year after all lol) and today was Elizabeth and Brendan's turn.


I'm happy to report that it was completely uneventful. She didn't volunteer to go first, but she did sit in the chair, open her mouth and have her teeth cleaned. Apparently she takes good care of her teeth. The other kids are all very jealous of the loot she brought home.

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Sleepover Weekend

Elizabeth's friend Remy from karate wanted to have her over for a sleepover and Elizabeth's friend Bianca (from school) also wanted to have her over for a sleepover and it so happened that they both happened on the same weekend.


So I dropped Elizabeth off near Manotick Station Friday night, then I picked her up after bo class Saturday afternoon and drove her (and Matthew, who was also having a sleepover with Nico) to the Glebe. Then we picked them up on Sunday and drove them to karate for Kids Kicking Cancer. I went to church with the two youngest and Daddy stayed to supervise them. After Kids Kicking Cancer there was a tournament team practice, so Erika, Elizabeth and Matthew went to Tim Horton's for lunch in between and then just hung out at the dojo. Meanwhile Amelia, Michael and I checked out the new Farm Boy that opened by church along with a significant portion of the congregation. We got ourselves some lunch and then picked the others up from karate. I dropped them off at home and Elizabeth and I went to piano. What a busy weekend with not much Elizabeth in it!

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March 5, 2020
Ski Club 4

After the disappointment of last week's downhill ski club being cancelled I felt I owed it to the kids to go at least one more time. I would have preferred to go Friday as Thursdays I have a biweekly standing meeting and I was super busy at work this week. Thursdays are also Michael's music class. But a strike was called on Thursday, so Thursday was clearly the better day for a ski day.


I was worried about the snow and whether Vorlage would be an icy slushy mess but I contacted the hill the day before and was told that everything was still open and they'd even had snow Tuesday night! And indeed, the conditions were pretty good!


I filled the van again - Maddie up front, Elizabeth, Samia, Harry, Shaughnessy, Bianca and Matthew.


Matthew was hugely excited and enjoyed himself greatly. I arranged a private lesson for him as I didn't want to add a much younger complete beginner to the other kids class. He lucked out big time and got an amazing instructor - Dan - who also happened to be the guy that has been facilitating our group all along. By the end of his lesson Matthew was deemed ready to try one of the blue trails on the furthest away hill "Birch". He fell his first time and was a bit intimidated but quickly figured out that as long as he didn't have to get up on a hill then he was okay. After a few more times he decided he wanted to go down the other side. Unfortunately we took a bit of a wrong turn and ended up on Cream Puff. I was able to figure out how to get him past the mogul section but it ends up on a rather intimidating hill and Matthew took one look and promptly sat down. I was just contemplating my options when a VERY nice lady who happened to have spent many years as a ski instructor passed by. She saw that he was in trouble and offered to ski him down the hill. Matthew said no thanks but I overruled him and she carried him about 2/3s of the way down until he reckoned he could do the rest on his own. He DID manage the rest on his own but more sledding on his bum than actual skiing. Luckily no injury resulted and he didn't object to sticking to the easier runs for the rest of the day!


Since I didn't want to take Matthew on harder hills, we didn't see much of the other kids. I had to insist they take one lift all together with us to make sure I got our photo together lol. They were playing some kind of tag game that involved sneaking and hiding (although they were careful to explain that they were being safety conscious and no one was getting tagged while skiing). Olivia and her mom came skiing too for the afternoon so she joined in with the rest of them.


Everyone had a great time - although when it was time to go most of them failed to show up at the appointed time. I guess they just didn't want to leave!

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Dance Camp

I was taking Matthew and Elizabeth skiing and Amelia felt a bit left out. Also she had been requesting to do ballet this semester again BUT there were no classes that fit in our schedule. So when I saw there was a dance camp I asked her if she might like to do that and she jumped at the chance.


It's the first time she's done a camp all by herself and she adored it. They coloured. They danced. They had snacks and lunch and did more dance. When I picked her up she asked if she could come back tomorrow.


Her least favourite part: "When I said arrêt then another kid said that wasn’t a language."


Her favourite part: "We watched a movie! It was a movie about a boy named Laurence. His machine cut down all the trees. He was kind of being mean. It was his friends birthday and he was playing piano. At present time he said I know what you want and gave her a big furry tree.


His parents decided to move his house. It was chained to the ground. He took out the things holding it to the ground but he hammered it back in.


Then they were friends again.


His parents drives home in their truck. They had a special button on their truck. His house got put down and then he was left there all by himself with no trees.


The bear floated off with the boy. It was super scary for them. Then he woke up and held on but one of his socks fell off. There was even a water fountain because it was a weird movie. It was a river water fountain. He got saved when he fell into the water with his pillow. From dying!


He got a digger truck and he got a trophy that he made about (a statue). And he knocked the head off. Then THEN it was super windy and he dropped a seed that a monster said he had to plant. So then he planted it where everyone could see and another man planted it."


Apparently my movie hating, never sits through an entire movie willingly and finds everything except Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig "scary" loved the movie and would like to watch it again. So I guess next family movie will be the Lorax!

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