April 30, 2020

It would not be an accurate reflection of our year if I didn't mention our latest pets.


Redoing the basement reduced the insect population significantly, particularly that of house centipedes (aka "million legged bugs") and spiders. However, especially in the springtime we have struggled with some very pesky and persistent ants. This year they were particularly bad. Despite consuming the entire contents of literally dozens of ant traps (yes, we've tried different kinds), hundreds of ants relentlessly marched across the basement no matter what we did.


Elizabeth is especially unamused as she does not like insects, especially if they crawl up her legs and interrupt her piano practice.

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April 29, 2020
Social Distancing: Day 45

We had discovered online shopping prior to all this, but now that many stores are closed we've had a definite uptick in the number of packages and parcels coming to our door.


The kids managed to break another laundry basket in a tug of war game ("I didn't know Michael was so strong").  Both the box and the packaging for the replacements have provided many hours of entertainment here this past week.


Chore time this week featured window washing and cleaning the chandelier. Our house is definitely cleaner under lock down, despite certain children coming into the house IN THEIR SHOES to go to the bathroom! "How did you know?" "I followed the trail of dirt!" "Oh". Matthew and Elizabeth both decided they don't like having to tidy our main entrance in the back and have subsequently been caught NOT throwing all their shoes and coats willy-nilly everywhere. This might have something to do with a new rule that the messiest kid gets to tidy that area at chore time(!) The dining room floor post meal times is still disgustingly crunchy, but at least it gets swept up.


This afternoon we connected with Lauren and kids again to play Settlers. Matthew had originally been interested but ultimately the lure of the screen proved too strong. Michael and Amelia really are too little to play these. Elizabeth enjoyed learning the game. We nearly pulled out a win - sitting at 9 points for quite a few rounds but ultimately Daddy managed to eke out a dramatic come back.

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April 28, 2020

One of the more popular things for kids to do while chatting these days is apparently to draw each other pictures. Sometimes they have to guess what the other person is drawing. Sometimes they draw ON each other. Often they take screenshots of each other.


We find this impulse deeply weird but highly amusing.

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April 27, 2020
Buy Nothing

I recently joined our local buy nothing group and have been having great fun looking at the various things my neighbours give away. I appreciate the sense of community the group fosters, even while I occasionally shake my head when someone gives away something like opened contact lens solution and SOMEONE ELSE WANTS IT (ewww).


Anyway, the kids have found it amusing as well as we occasionally get to go on "treasure hunts" to find some of the free things people are giving away.


Recently someone posted a plea looking for a froggy with wings - their child's beloved stuffy had gone missing. I happened to have a duplicate AND it was even in our giveaway pile. The kids agreed that the toddler in question should have our froggy to cuddle, but we had to take a photo first.

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April 25, 2020
Crazy Pickles

We were talking about how we might not be able to go to a restaurant to celebrate Amelia's birthday (as per tradition) and Amelia was sad. Amelia's birthday isn't until June, but it spawned an idea.


Elizabeth had the idea that we could "go to a restaurant" at home. She picked a day (using the meal plan she had already made for the month as a starting point) began  working on a menu and came up with a name. She was going to be the waitress. Matthew was going to be the chef. Mommy and Daddy and Amelia and Michael were going to actually go to the restaurant.


It sounded like fun so we went with it. Unfortunately, we were missing a few key things for her menu ideas - like marshmallows. Luckily, I had the ingredients to make some. They were surprisingly fun and easy to make.


Originally Elizabeth had wanted to do the restaurant on Friday evening but I talked her into doing it on Saturday instead because Friday evenings are full of karate and I couldn't see how they could possibly prepare. We did prepare some things in advance but if I had to do it over (and it sounds like we will) the kids will have to work quite a lot harder on the getting things ready in advance. As it was I ended up as an informal third employee in this restaurant. I managed my dual roles as instructed by "going to the bathroom" then dashing into the kitchen through the other door and helping the kids quick grate cheese for the pizza etc. Actually I had to "go to the bathroom" so often and for so long that Brendan and Amelia started making fun of me. "Mom!" said Elizabeth, "next time I need you don't say you have to go to the bathroom. Say that you forgot to wash your hands. Otherwise they are going to think you are sick!" I don't regret getting roped into being staff though; Saturday was a glorious day and it would have been sad to have spent the whole day inside preparing.


Matthew grievously injured his elbow immediately before the restaurant and only managed to get himself together right before our guests arrived ten minutes before their reservation time. Thus he was not able to help setup as envisioned. Elizabeth decided he could be a waiter and gave him lines to say. It was adorable. He didn't have to write down or remember any of the orders because she was eavesdropping in the kitchen and writing them down. The kids ate in the kitchen. At first it was rather frantic and they were perturbed to see so many egg boats being consumed by their siblings "I haven't had time to eat even one yet!" but as they got into the swing of things they managed to eat.


The restaurant did have some health violations. We ran out of counter space, so started plating on the floor. I did explain that the health inspector would shut that down. "Don't let him see!" was the proposed solution. So maybe don't hire them out just yet, though they were able to articulate several reasons why this might not be ideal. At one point Elizabeth brought out a new plate for Michael. Then she picked up his food in her grubby paw and dumped it onto his old plate.


The restaurant got talked up big time before it happened and they wanted Amelia to believe it was real. She was very concerned about this idea. "How do they know the restaurant people don't have coronavirus?" she wondered. I assured her this was okay but was a little surprised by the questions she asked to verify that the staff and restaurant were really going to be acceptable. I'm guessing that the kids are going to find resuming activities somewhat stressful.


Brendan took her and Michael on a drive to pick up a clothing order - Michael's been clamouring to get in the car and we figured that would help make it more real. Also we needed to run the car engine to keep it in good operating order. When they got home, Michael had just nodded off - they got out just in time. Amelia at first refused to get out of the car, but we showed her the Crazy Pickles sign and I told her it was a magic door. She was rather incredulous that we were going into our own house but we think also relieved. I told her "it's too bad Elizabeth and Matthew can't come. I wonder where they went?!" She decided to go with it, although at first she was inclined to be all "Elizabeth PROMISED IT WOULD BE FANCY". By the time the wait staff lit the candle and brought out the drinks she decided it was fancy after all.


Memorable moments:


-Elizabeth, in the kitchen, working on getting pickle plates together looks at me and says: "in a real restaurant, do they train you first?"

-The waitstaff getting snippy with their customers that refused to eat all their pickles.

-How solemn the staff were.

-Ten minutes into the restaurant experience we suddenly heard the bells outside and I remembered WHY we had picked the reservation time to be 5:30pm. The kids charged out, rang the bells for about 30 seconds and charged back in like nothing had happened. Then Elizabeth told Brendan she hoped he enjoyed "dinner music".

-Elizabeth wondering how the pricing compared to a normal restaurant. She charged $50/adult, $30 for Michael and $40 for Amelia. She'd seeded my wallet with the right amount of monopoly money for me, Michael and Brendan. Amelia got her own purse with her money.

-Michael wanting to press the buttons on the cash register and Elizabeth telling him he couldn't because "then it will be more expensive".

-Making Amelia put her shoes back on to leave the restaurant. "Why? We're home."

-Elizabeth not wanting to let the kids in the front door to go to bed because she hadn't cleaned up all of the evidence of the restaurant. There was a colossal mess - no way we could wait!

-Amelia excitedly telling her siblings all about Crazy Pickles afterwards and telling them she wants to go there for her birthday. Elizabeth says: "Maybe you could go to Tasty Tacos or Terrible Tomatoes instead? I bet there are a lot of new restaurants we will be able to try..."

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Social Distancing: 41

It was a beautiful day; we spent the afternoon outside taking advantage. The kids were excited to have removed the covering from the igloo. Seems people have stopped touching the play structure so for the moment we will leave it out front and hope for the best.


Elizabeth was doing her piano lesson and Matthew was supposed to be bringing in the various detritus the kids had left out front when Matthew apparently tripped and grievously wounded himself. At first I was inclined to be "it's a scrape, kid - no need to caterwaul like that" but he screamed for more than half an hour to the point where I wondered whether he'd broken something. Eventually Pat Patrouille was deemed a suitable distraction and he managed to pull himself together enough to proceed with the planned entertainment for the evening.

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