July 6, 2013

Xander came to play with Elizabeth and Matthew so that his parents could get some sleep the day Isabelle was born. We gardened, we played in the sandbox, we teapartied, we made brownies, and we practised not waking younger siblings during their naps. I have been really impressed by how well Elizabeth and Xander have been playing together. Then Mommy took all three kids to the store to buy supper for everyone before heading to meet Isabelle for the first time. It took me so long in the store that I ended up feeding the bigger kids their supper in the car, so we were able to put them to bed somewhat on time. Elizabeth had a little nest in the basement and wanted to stay there overnight...


I've decided that the secret to shopping with three kids four and under is proper restraints. I could totally manage a fourth on my back, but after that things would get complicated!

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