August 1, 2013
Maker Market

Friends Jay and Natasha invited us to check out the Maker Market tonight. Billed as a sampling for the Maker Faire coming labour day weekend (the "Greatest Show and Tell in the City"), it was enough to convince me that I now have plans for that weekend - aside from providing support for round one of inventory counts at work, that is!



  • Finally got to see a 3D printer live in person. Elizabeth got to watch it print part of a car-shaped cookie cutter.
  • A customizable video game. Designed by kids, this Maker also provides videogame making birthday parties! It was a little disturbing how easily Elizabeth was able to figure out the side-scrolling platform game, including using a game pad (something she's never even seen before to my knowledge)
  • Conductive paint! Conductive thread! Maker Junior has workshops for kids - make your own light up greeting card. Elizabeth now wants to make a light-up headband. Of course she does.
  • Cool puzzle cars - made of durable plastic, they can be assembled and disassembled over and over. And they have moving parts!

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