August 3, 2013
Plasma Car

Elizabeth has wanted her own plasma car for years. They are very expensive hunks of plastic so Mommy and Daddy told her that if she really really wanted one she had to use her own money and it would probably use up most of her funds. So at work time she started telling me that she was working towards "her" plasma car.


Fast forward about a year.


Finally she got serious. "Do I have enough money yet for a plasma car?" she asked. The piggy banks were getting heavy and I was curious too. Besides, we were running out of pennies and work time was getting expensive as Daddy was forced to substitute dimes, quarters, and the odd loonie.


So we spent an afternoon counting her money and trading in great fistfuls with the bank of Mom & Dad for higher denominations. I was quite impressed to discover she had more than enough to purchase a plasma car. She was quite impressed by how many work times this represented.


Daddy and I decided that it would be better not to clean her out entirely and helped her look for a plasma car on Kijiji. It took a while - for some reason people lately were only selling them in pairs (?!?) Eventually there were a few available. I showed her the picture of one possible plasma car selling for $35. We made an appointment with the seller.


Elizabeth and I showed up on the doorstep of the seller. I'd explained to Elizabeth that she was buying the car, not Mommy and after some arguing she "practiced" with me ("Moommmm - I already KNOW how to buy a plasma car") I told her that once we saw the car, she'd have three choices. She could pay the seller, she could decide she didn't like that one and we'd go find another one right away today or if she thought the plasma car wasn't quite what she was hoping she could ask the seller if they'd give her a lower price. "Why would I do that?" she asked. "Well, maybe it will be scratched, or maybe you might decide that you don't want a blue one" I said. "But blue is my FAVOURITE colour!" (Lesson learned: Brendan's going to be the one who teaches her to haggle.)


At first no one answered the door. We rang, the dogs barked, we rang again, the dogs barked some more. Finally I located the seller's number and called. "That's why the dogs are barking!" the woman said. Then she answered the door wearing only a towel around her waist and on her head. Elizabeth duly enquired about the plasma car and decided to purchase it. She handed over all her money. She patted the woman's pet bunny.


Then she tried out the plasma car on the way to the car. She couldn't stop grinning all the way home. As soon as we got home, Daddy had to see her ride the plasma car too.

On August 15, 2013 at 09:30 am
Grandma H. said:
Something special about buying something with your own money- great learning experience

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