August 7, 2013
Cottage Days: Rainy Day Edition

It was pouring bathtubs of rain when we woke up this morning, so it was time to pull out the crafts.


In the afternoon Mr Bear obligingly hid his treasure and we had great fun locating all the clues. Elizabeth checked several times to be sure that no REAL bears were going to be involved. Just in case. The weather cleared up as well, so we didn't even get wet this year! I made the girls alternate who got to be the "leeter" (aka clue finder). Then they put the puzzle together and turned it over to discover the secret message.


It poured rain again shortly thereafter, but it cleared briefly so we went for a five minute swim. Then spectacular thunderstorm chased us back into the cottage. But  by the time round two of crafting was over the sun was shining again.


Some other cottagers were flying their kites in between crash landing them into the water. They took the kite for a paddleboat ride and then very nearly lost the kite altogether in the trees. "They had better be careful", said Elizabeth. "I don't think they brought a monkey to fetch it out of the tree" Later they did tree the kite, but we don't know how it got in or out because we were too busy canoeing. Canoeing with a small child on your lap is not as easy as it looks...

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